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  1. Morton Marching Invitational

    1A: Dwight had a good first show last week against similar bands. They're mybpick 2A: Dunlap will run away with this class. Metamora and Farmington following suit. 3A: I think it will be tight. u-High, Limestone, and UT rounding out top 3. Hot take: scores will be within 2 points total. 4A: have only seen Washington of this group. I'm going to guess Bloomington, RI, then Washington.
  2. Shows for 2008

    Well, I can't say I didn't see any "wow" in the show.
  3. Shows for 2008

    Well, they finished learning the drill this week, and have been cleaning as well. it's "wow"tacular. I'm not sure if they will put the closer out on the field, or they may, since it would be a free run through. If they do, WOW! look out! It will WOW you beyond Dairy Queen. Show has a lot of wow and a lot of intense music. I think they even spell "WOW" at the end. Did I mention WOW? ya, wow.
  4. Morton Invitational on September 13th

    I've heard good things about Limestone. Their size has apparently jumped way high. Exceeding 100 supposedly. Mr. Empey (sp?) looks to have done a lot of good things for this band. Considering they were State Champions back in 96. I'm looking forward to them, and the entire competition.
  5. Shows for 2008

    Just heard Morton's show. Incredible writing, and incredible playing. Brass is a lot stronger this year. Woodwinds are just as good, maybe better, Percussion is fast and sick as usual. I love the take on Dvor
  6. ISU 2008

    what was probably more annoying for most of the bands was inconsistent scoring... errr scoring in general.
  7. ISU 2008

    double post.... oops.
  8. ISU 2008

    I've always viewed the Pekin Competition as the State Championship. Just because all the other bands don't show means nothing, it's their choice. all sarcasm aside. The problem is that there is no State Championship. Because the State is not in charge of the ISU championships... they are the Illiniois State UNIVERSITY Marching competitions... not the State of Illinois Marching Championships. You can consider the ISU competition the State Championship for you, that's fine that's your opinion. But no one can call any band the state champions or best band in the state based on this one competition.
  9. ISU 2008

    Problem is who and how do we determine what is the "state" tournament?
  10. Shows for 2008

    Too be honest... I don't look into what the show is doing, unless I already know about the story behind it... If I do, I look for the clues... but mainly I let the music tell the story.
  11. Shows for 2008

    Heard the music the other day... can't wait!!!!
  12. Scores for 10/13

    I don't know what show you were watching... but MS was filthy compared to what Morton had going on. Especially in guard and marching. It's not a matter of going there to place. it's going there to keep in competitive show shape. The problem with U of I is the way it is scored. 5 judges judging everything, then the top score and the lowest score of the five are dropped and then the remaining are averaged. Doesn't give you a realistic score, when the judges could have 54 65 88 44 and 77. no consistency. BOA judging is more conducive and accurate. one judge per catagory. they focus only on that aspect, and give points based on that. that way they can pay attention to only that, instead of having to worry about "showmanship" you saying that it's a pain for Morton to come and place, is not fair. they are not complaining about or even care for that matter the placements. They are there to continually get better, and get accurate scoring.
  13. 10-27 Results

    do we know if Morton received a Div 1 score?
  14. Reviews

    wow... I highly doubt that he was attacking NCHS.... no need to attack him.
  15. ISU 2007 2.0

    to me it would show the character of the school. everyone likes competition, but if it gets to the point where a school, is taking all the talent (which is not the case for Marian, just saying in general) that would almost be like a monopoly. Might as well, give the recruiting school all the trophies in the comps they perform in. and the ones they don't. It would show to the public, that the school, will do anything that it takes to win. instead of going out to have fun, work hard, and enjoy themselves. Again, I'm not saying this is Marian at all, just saying what it shows to me, if a HIGH school recruits. I still disagree with that because, to win, you almost equally need a staff that not only can develop young players (no matter how talented) into not only good musicians but good marchers. There's more to it than getting the best jr. high kids. Even if a band program did extensively recruit, there's no guarentee that their staff is capable of putting together extremely competitive shows. And I don't disagree with that. I was just stating the character of the school that would recruit just to get trophies.