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    Because going on at 10am is a lot more fun than going on at 7am, so they're spreading around the fun (and the misery). I imagine they're starting to do like U of I and rotating the class orders each year.
  2. Results for October 21st, 2017

    WIU results: Small schools division: 1A: 1st - Prophetstown (Winds) 2nd - Lewistown (Drum Major) 3rd - Blue Ridge (Guard) 4th - Morrison 5th - Galva (Percussion) 6th - West Centreal 2A: 1st - Macomb (Winds, Percussion, Drum Major) 2nd - Eureka (Guard) 3rd - Paxton Buckley Loda 4th - Farmington Central 5th - Rock Ridge 6th - Pleasant Plains 7th - Orion 8th - Kewanee Large schools division: 3A: 1st - Geneseo (Winds, Percussion, Drum Major) 2nd - Metamora (Guard) 3rd - Lincoln Community 4th - Rock Falls 5th - Jacksonville 4A: 1st - Edwardsville (Winds, Percussion, Guard, Drum Majors) 2nd - Washington Community 3rd - Joliet West 4th - LaSalle Peru 5th - DeKalb 6th - Pekin 7th - Moline 8th - William Howard Taft Small schools grand champion: Macomb Large schools grand champion: Edwardsville
  3. Scores for the weekend of October 11, 2014

    Geneseo was in class 3A at WIU. The 1A/2A grand champion was Macomb.
  4. Shows for the weekend of October 12, 2013

    That's the great fallacy of the dome. The truth is, if it's clean (and in if the winds articulate the notes well ON BOTH ENDS), it'll sound like music. But if it's dirty, it'll just sound like noise. Domes, whether an indoor practice facility, or the great LucasOil stadium, amplify your cleanliness and your dirt at the same time.
  5. Scores for October 22, 2011

    It's very interesting that you point that out. On the typical grading scale used in most classrooms, a 72 would be a C (and a low one at that), where C is generally considered the grade for "average" classroom performance.
  6. Scores for 10/17

    That comparison cannot be made. It is a different panel of judges, and the bands are not being judges across all the classes during the day. You're correct that score comparisons with different judges are useless, but I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that the parade judges were the same for all classes, so some comparison there might be interesting. Anyone want to tally those up?
  7. Diesel Fumes and Perpetual October

    Sounds like somebody needs to do drum corps, and get a whole new experience with (and appreciation for) bus fumes....
  8. Scores for 9/27

    WIU Results (PDF) - but no scores. Small division: Class A: 1st: Wethsersfield Class AA: 1st: Macomb 2nd: Farmington 3rd: Kewanee 4th: Illini West 5th: Auburn 6th: Sherrard Grand Champion: Macomb Captions: Drums: Macomb Guard: Farmington Winds: Macomb DM: Macomb Large Division Class AAA: 1st: Keokuk Class AAAA: 1st: Alan B. Shepard 2nd: Limestone 3rd: Quincy Grand Champion: Alan B. Shepard Captions: Drums: Alan B. Shepard Guard: Alan B. Shepard Winds: Alan B. Shepard DM: Alan B. Shepard
  9. U of I recaps are up

    Recaps from U of I have been posted at http://www.music.uiuc.edu/outreach/imbf.html Congratulations to Prospect, Morton, Macomb, Blue Ridge, Mahomet-Seymour and Atwood-Hammond for winning your classes, and especially to Prospect and Macomb for taking home the Governor's Award.
  10. Predictions for weekend of 9/29

    Here's the schedule for the Geneseo Maple Leaf Classic: 6:15 Davenport North (A) 6:30 Farmington (A) 6:45 Rockridge (A) 7:00 Yorkville (A) 7:15 Metamora (A) 7:30 Limestone (AA) 7:45 Dunlap (AA) 8:00 BREAK 8:15 Normal Community (AA) 8:30 Macomb (AA) 8:45 Maine West (AAA) 9:00 IVC (AAA) 9:15 Geneseo (Exhibition) 9:30 Awards Ceremony
  11. Just some observations

    Thanks again to trumpetking5 for posting the large recap of scores for the year. We all know that you can't compare scores between contests with any sort of reliability. Still, with all those scores in one place, one can't resist looking at some of the numbers: Highest score of the year: Paxton-Buckley-Loda with a 222 at the Hoopeston show. Highest score on a 100-point scale: Macomb with a 95 at U of I. Lowest score of the year: Phoenix Military with a 26.45 at the Wheaton North Marching Festival. What other interesting numbers did you note from this year?
  12. Question?

    These are very interesting. Thanks!
  13. Why can't I post

    Ah, I see. I understand why you do this, but at the same time, I think it creates significant barrier to entry that is likely to hurt participation. If you were one of my clients (I do consulting work that involves this kind of thing for companies), I would strongly suggest eliminating that requirement. Just my $0.02.
  14. I wanted to start a new topic in the Contests/Scores section, but it says I'm not authorized to do that? Why is that?
  15. U of I

    Yes. Send a check for $30 to the address below, along with a note indicating which school you would like and your name and address. (I know this because I just emailed them with the exact same question). Flushing Pheasant Digital Video P.O. Box 731 Mahomet, IL 61853 Their phone number is 217-586-1887 if you need any other info.