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  1. St Louis Super Regional

    Lincoln-Way continues an impressive 2018 season coming off the win at ISU. Really good showing.
  2. Southern IL Bands

    Ghost Writer, let me step in and deliver my two cents here on your points. While the Crimson Express are without a doubt a highly successful group, it is very difficult to say they are "without a doubt" the best rural Illinois band. Morton, a school of under 1000, as stated by your criteria, is a recent Bands of America Grand Nationals Semi-Finalist. The reason I bring this up is that the level of competition doesn't get much higher than at Lucas Oil Stadium in November. While it is impressive that Murphysboro has collected a bunch of 1st place trophies, let's not forget that the level of competition at said shows is not quite the same as what other bands go to at competitions. O'Fallon didn't win a single show in 2012. Does this mean that Murphysboro was better than O'Fallon because they won 3 class titles that season? I'm fairly certain the standings at GN speak for themselves there, and prove my point. It's the same reason that in college basketball, quality of wins is an important statistic to rank teams, which is my point here. Morton, or any other very good rural Illinois bands, could go to shows where they can win, to build up their trophy count as well, and then your argument is null and void. They instead choose to go to shows with a very high level of competition, and, shown by Morton's 3rd place finish behind only Lake Park and Hersey, they do very well.
  3. Bands of America Grand Nationals Schedule

    To all of the bands competing this weekend, Illinois and otherwise, good luck. I know how amazing this competition is and I wish that all of you have the performances of your lives
  4. Bands of America Grand Nationals Schedule

    I'm curious, which Illinois bands do you guys think will be semi-finalists this weekend?
  5. Add in Blue Springs/American Fork/Ayala/PCEP/anyone else vying for a bubble spot, and it gets crowded. I'm not even sure I'd call blue springs a bubble band...I think they are in this year. Couldn't agree more about Blue Springs. You don't get runner up at St. Louis (Beating Owasso in doing so) and call yourself a bubble band. Plus, they were a finalist in San Antonio. No need to say how difficult that is. They are a top 12 lock
  6. Not yet. I don't think they are far out, but definitely not this year, with all of those Texas bands like Dan said. But I think they are close, and if this show happened at a weaker year, who knows
  7. New Uniforms

    I also heard that. Sincerely wish I could be there to see it since I cannot attend either Indianapolis performance :'(
  8. New Uniforms

    Little bird told me that a certain Illinois band will be debuting their new uniforms on the field this weekend in Indianapolis...
  9. Bands of America Grand Nationals Schedule

    It's going to be tough to make semifinals (and finals) this year. Best lineup since 2002? Possibly. Best since I started paying attention to BOA in 2009. Going to be real tough to make it
  10. Shows/Scores for the weekend of October 26, 2013

    Um, did anyone notice how different this scoring was? Is this based on a standard? I believe it had something to do with General Effect being weighted differently than other competitions
  11. Bands of America Grand Nationals Schedule

    Wow that field at the top is ridiculous
  12. Evaluation of 2013 Season

    I think it entirely depends on the field at StL on whether or not East is ready for finals. could be sooner rather than later if not for the progressively tougher finals fields. But I agree that they are not far out. Edwardsville could benefit from a show better suited for the demands of BOA judging.
  13. Evaluation of 2013 Season

    How long until Belleville East, Edwardsville, etc., start going to Grand Nationals?
  14. Illinois Finalists at the Indy Regional

    So who would you say the last two spots go to? My vote there would go to O'Fallon and North Hardin, but that's just me. I am not sure how Lafayette has scored against North Hardin this year, but they did finish behind them at the Louisville Regional last year. I think O'Fallon is a vastly improved band over last season and could definitely jump Lafayette, who, if I'm not mistaken, only finished 2 spots ahead of them in Finals at Louisville. Greenwood Community is a pick I like a lot, their program has been rising rapidly and I think they are in good position. Ben Davis is another good pick, but that is another band that North Hardin beat and O'Fallon was right on the heels of. Haven't seen Centreville in person since Grand Nationals in 2011, when again, O'Fallon beat them in prelims. I don't know how North Hardin compared to them there, and again, it has been a while since I have seen Centreville in person, so here is my probably outdated top 12 in no particular order (since I was unaware the 2 spots have been shaved off of finals) Avon Carmel Lawrence Central Lake Central Greenwood Community Marian Catholic Ben Davis O'Fallon Township North Hardin Lafayette Centerville Columbus North
  15. The 2013 season, as far as Southern Illinois bands are concerned is pretty much over. With the exception of Collinsville and O'Fallon going to Grand Nationals in a few weeks, this last weekend of competition has wrapped up the year. Belleville East and Edwardsville finished their campaigns (unexpectantly, as some may say) by placing at the EIU competition. Belleville East also had one of if not the best showing in program history at the BOA StL Super Regional. So, now the question I pose to all of you, how would you evaluate the strides made by the regions band programs this season?