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  1. Show Titles and Music for 2018-19

    Newton Community High School will be performing "Into the Light" Craig Fitzpatrick arrangement
  2. Show Titles and Music for 2018-19

    I read on the new Newton t shirts and apparel they are doing "Into the Light" but I don't know who's arrangement they are doing. They are two very different shows
  3. Show Titles and Music for 2018-19

    It's early but when you have them please post the show titles and music for the upcoming marching season.
  4. BOA Grand Nats

    Claudia Taylor Johnson , Hebron and Vandergrift HS"S came in ahead of Avon IN at the San Antonio Regional this weekend. That kind of suprised me, Flower Mound was further down in the scores
  5. Results 10-28

    Oblong Results are in from Oblong! Newton High1st in color guard, 1st in percussion, 2nd in drum major, 1st in class 4a, and Grand Champions!!
  6. Results 10-28

    Results from 10-28
  7. Results for October 14th, 2017

    Effingham Marching Red Regiment Invitational Results in 3A:Newton, Outstanding Percussion, Auxiliary, Music, Visual, General Effect, and First Place in Class 3A Grand Champion of 3A and 4A
  8. Results for the weekend of October 7th

    Robinson Marching Maroon Band Festival Results Newton,: Outstanding Auxiliary, Drum Major, Percussion, and First Overall in Class 3A as well as the People’s Choice Award and Grand Champion!
  9. Results 9/30

    EIU Awards in Class 3A: Best Drum Major, Best Auxiliary, Percussion, Best General Effect, Best Visual, and Best Music as well as First Place AND Grand Champion!!!!! In addition, Outstanding Soloist to Anissa Massey!!! Small School GC, I don't have the recaps yet or other placements
  10. Results 9/30

    List them when you have them
  11. Show Titles and Music 2017-2018

    It's that time for announcements for the new school year
  12. 2017 Director Changes

    Staffing changes for the 2017-2018 school year
  13. BOA Grand National Predictions

    Hey Dan do you know if the are going to reschedule the WBA that was rained out this weekend?
  14. BOA Grand National Predictions

    I thought their show was dedicated to someone. Thanks Dan, You are all knowing in the band realm!
  15. BOA Grand National Predictions

    Didn't Homestead High schools director pass away at the beginning of the school year?