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  1. Contest Broadcast

    The last few years banddirector.com/ has had a live feed of the U of I contest. I see this year the U of I and many other contest aren't on their calendar. Does anyone know if U of I will be broadcast anywhere else
  2. Contest Broadcast

    If you see at anytime that any contest is going to be broadcast whether on YouTube or other sites please post on here. Thanks
  3. Traditional Uniforms VS Costumes

    What's your preference? I prefer the traditional uniform but am ok with how some groups do such as Lincoln-way the last couple years where their top may be different. If you look at vids that's how Flower Mound from TX has also done. I like the Blue Devils uniform this year until they took the shako off, I prefer that something is on the band or corp members head to lengthen their body.
  4. IL Marching Website

    The persons listed under the Staff tab at the top of the page are the ones who used to do it, When the site was going well they were really on the ball about things.
  5. What bands will continue to be on top and who are the bands that are rising this year, will any bands surprise us?
  6. IL Marching Website

    I don't know about anyone else but I sure don't ever want this website to ever shut down. I have been going to different band sites or their social media and am trying to get more followers. I live in KY , originally from IL, and this site is one of the only ways I know what's going on in the IL Marching Community. Now what are we to do if the site starts to get more traffic. If they come and we have nothing for for them to see or get excited about we can't expect them to come back. I understand that the handful of people who were taking responsibility for the site had a lot to do with few resources. There has to be a way for everyone to contribute and maybe the moderators review things just as editors would. Then we'd also need people to get the official scores from the competitions of the day. This site could be much more than it is now! It was on it's way a few years ago and then something happened and the site became stagnate. If you want the site to continue, post and post relevant things, Be nice and take others into consideration when posting things, and take care and know of what you're posting here. If the site grows we all win .
  7. Show Titles and Music for 2019-20

    From the looks of it on Newton's facebook page where they are to order T's and Sweatshirts their show will be "Bloom" not sure the version or arrangement or ir it's a custom show
  8. What schools have new directors and what staff have made moves to new schools over the summer?