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  1. Scores for the weekend of October 17, 2015

    St. Louis Finals 88.60 Broken Arrow (Music, Visual, GE) 84.55 Union 83.60 Blue Springs 80.10 Bellevue West 79.95 Eden Prairie 79.10 Bentonville 78.00 Rosemount 77.00 Bixby 76.55 Air Academy 75.70 Mustang 75.60 Haltom 75.45 O'Fallon 74.50 Lincoln 74.35 Kickapoo
  2. BOA St Louis Super Regional 2015

    All I know is that Blue Springs' show is awesome again this year.
  3. Who will win 4A at ISU?

    Lincoln-Way North. Fairly certain it will be a closer battle for 2nd and 3rd. Romeoville, Lincoln-Way Central, and United Township will take those spots, though not necessarily in that order.
  4. Who MAKES FINALS from 1A-4A at ISU

    Ehh, technically wrong year. lol
  5. Scores for the Weekend of September 26, 2015

    Our system isn't setup to handle it in that fashion, unfortunately. That may be something that Mark could look into, however.
  6. Censorship

    I am very against censorship in most cases, but I've unfortunately come to expect things like this now. Even in just the last five years, the rapidity with which organizations act to silence an opinion that may be deemed offensive has seemingly increased an order of magnitude (or two). I find it especially disgusting when it's creativity that is being squelched. I don't usually comment on things like this though because I tend to get myself in trouble.
  7. Developing: Lincoln-Way North to Close

    Yeah... you are.
  8. 2015 Show Titles

    Eureka: "What If?..." No information on the contents yet
  9. 2015 Director Changes

    Any idea why Sanchez left Providence? He's been doing a great job.
  10. Favorite Band Shows 2014

    I lol'd at rereading that. I love their show, but I usually do.
  11. Grand National Semi-Finalist / Finalist Predictions

    My predictions aren't very different than Dan's as far as finals, but here goes: 1. Tarpon Springs 2. Broken Arrow 3. Marian Catholic 4. Carmel 5. Avon 6. Homestead 7. William Mason 8. Flower Mound 9. Owasso 10. Kennesaw Mountain 11. Lawrence Township 12. Wando First 8 I'm fairly sure on, though they could switch up a bit, it'll be really close. Last 4 are a toss up as there are a few other bands that could take a finals spot away from them.
  12. Grand National Semi-Finalist / Finalist Predictions

    As much as I'd like to see Marian win, I would be equally happy with Tarpon Springs. Love their show as usual. O'Fallon making finals is rather iffy, but would be a very welcome surprise.
  13. Southern IL Bands

    Not sure about that statement, but I don't think anyone wouldn't agree that they do well.
  14. Shows for the weekend of October 25, 2014

    I've never been a fan of Naperville North's shows, but Copland was definitely an exception. Good music and visual books and highly entertaining.
  15. Shows for the weekend of October 25, 2014

    Yeah... I didn't get home from work until after they were over ...
  16. Shows for the weekend of October 18, 2014

    I really want to see how close Normal West was to making it in finals.
  17. Southern IL Bands

    Let's please keep this civil. I don't ever want to see someone down playing the importance of any member of any band. I'm all for open discussion, but remember, high-schoolers read this forum. How would it make you feel if I said the job you do in your everyday life isn't as important as the work of your co-workers, and you've only gotten the recognition you have because of them?
  18. Enrollment, Judging, Illinois, and Random Draw

    I like the idea of a hybrid system and something akin to this would be nice. This way your leveling out the number of musicians against one another and the supposed resource differences between school sizes.
  19. Lake Park: 1A 1. Wheaton North (Music, GE, Perc, Aux) 2. H.D. Jacobs (Visual) 2A 1. Wheeling (Music) 2. Lincoln-Way East (Visual, GE, Aux) 3. Naperville Central (Perc) 3A 1. Prospect (Music, Visual, Perc, Aux) 2. Lockport (GE) 3. John Hersey Finalists: Wheaton North (exb), Downer's Grove South (exb), Wheeling, Lincoln-Way East, Naperville Central, Prospect, Lockport, John Hersey, Greendale WI, Plainfield North, Lemont, Warren Township Pontiac: 1A 1. Tri-Valley (Aux, Perc, Winds) 2. Watseka 3. ROWVA 4. Dwight 5. Fieldcrest 2A 1. Eureka (Aux, Winds) 2. Prairie Central (Perc) 3. Paxton-Buckley-Loda 4. Olympia 5. Hoopeston 1A/2A GC: Eureka 3A 1. East Peoria (Perc, Winds) 2. Dunlap 3. LaSalle-Peru (Aux) 4. Streator 5. Illinois Valley Central 6. Danville 4A 1. Washington (Winds) 2. Normal West (Aux, Perc) 3. Champaign Central 4. Plainfield East 3A/4A GC: Washington Grand Champion: Washington Also: Keith Schmink retires after this year
  20. Predictions for the Weekend September 27, 2014

    I'll bite. Dan hasn't asked for any help so far this year, so I'll just post mine here lol. Danville 1A: 1. El Paso-Gridley 2. Blue Ridge 3. Georgetown-Ridge Farm 2A: 1. Hoopeston 2. Urbana 3. Charleston 3A: 1. Champaign Central GC: Champaign Central Collinsville 1A: 1. Mehlville,MO 2. Massac 3. Wesclin 2A: 1. Granite City 2. Carbondale 3. Marion 4A: 1. O'Fallon 2. Edwardsville 3. Belleville East GC: O'Fallon Limestone 1A: 1. Watseka 2. Farmington 3. Kewanee 2A: 1. Macomb 2. IVC 3. Tri-Valley 3A: 1. Normal Community 2. Rock Island 3. Pekin 4A: 1. Bloomington 2. Galesburg 3. Canton GC: Bloomington Robinson 1A: 1. Salem 2. Oblong 3. Casey-Westfield 2A: 1. Newton 2. East Richland GC: Newton Mt. Zion 1A: 1. Okaw Valley 2. Fieldcrest 3. Auburn 2A: 1. Sullivan 2. Blueridge 3A: 1. Effingham 2. Lincoln 3. Mattoon 4A: 1. Monticello GC: Monticello Naperville 1A: 1. WWS 2. Lakes Community 3. Sandwich 2A: 1. Wheeling 2. Waubonsie Valley 3. Batavia 3A: 1. Plainfield North 2. Glenbrook South 3. Joliet West GC: Plainfield North Wheaton North 1A: 1. WWS 2. TF South 3. Elmwood 2A: 1. Munster, IN 2. LWC 3. Alan B. Shepard 3A: 1. Carl Sandburg 2. Bolingbrook 3. Plainfield East GC: Munster, IN
  21. Scores for September 13, 2014

    I personally didn't like their show, but didn't think it was done badly. Looking forward to recaps.
  22. Scores for September 13, 2014

    No idea, they said "Special" Exhibition, my guess is they tied with Warren or Lemont?