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  1. Traditional Uniforms VS Costumes

    I am growing to like the costume approach and incorporating changes or use of contrasting colors on front/back or left/right side as visual elements. Everything can be overdone but when done well I think it adds to a show.
  2. Scores from 9/9

    I can't, either.
  3. Shows for the weekend of November 8, 2014

    Dan what do you know about Hebron's show that it would be scored so differently by the judges? 1st to 12th- wow!
  4. U of I/ISU Discussion Thread

    I watched all the finalist at ISU and thought (1) Prospect was the best and (2) weather was much better this year than last year. I was surprised that (1) Prospect did not win and (2) Lincoln Way North did not place in the top 4. Does anyone know where the final scores are posted/available? Mike I agree with you on both counts. The mystery of the partial show > complete show continues!
  5. U of I/ISU Discussion Thread

    It was far less gloomy than the title and theme implied.
  6. U of I/ISU Discussion Thread

    Bottom 4 of 1A-4A , bottom 3 of 5A-6A, random draw between the top 3 of 1A-4A and top 4 of 5A-6A. Do Marian and Prospect ever not go back to back here? They like to contrast the most complete with the least complete shows...
  7. Who Makes Finals from Class 5A-6A at ISU?

    Curious to see what Lincoln-Way East does this year. Been an odd season for them with very different finishes at different competitions. Also looks to be their smallest ensemble to date.
  8. ISU - New Video Product / Live Streaming

    Thank you for the update and providing the live stream- looking forward to trying it out Saturday night for finals!
  9. Shows for the weekend of October 12, 2013

    Any more detail on the live streaming for ISU? I can't find that post here...or was I dreaming?
  10. New Uniforms

    Not sure how I feel about these. They have been doing this type of thing forever. I don't know if they ever plan to completely replace their actual uniform or not. Forever? It's been what, 3 years? That is hardly "forever"!
  11. 2013 ISU Classifications

    This is great news!
  12. 2012 Marching Shows

    The East uniforms are relatively inexpensive, and the students are given the option to purchase them at the end of the season. At least that's how it has gone the past few years, but they do have a new director this year so it remains to be seen if these uniforms will be used again in 2013.
  13. LWE Director Out

    But will the tarps and props come with him?
  14. Nice comeback by LW East- Go Griffins!
  15. Marching Band Uniforms

    If I'm not mistaken (and I probably am), aren't these new uniforms hand made for each student? I checked with my sources and while the uniforms are individual sized for each student, they are not very durable- essentially a "one-off" quality designed for one season. They are more akin to costumes than uniforms. Also note they save costs by having the guard in the same costume.