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  1. COVID 19

    If the contest funds the marching band, then you change the marching band for the season. Programs will be smart as to how to navigate. Not all doom and gloom.
  2. COVID 19

    As a show host and competing band, I can speak to this topic. It is irresponsible for bands to compete this season. Illinois band programs will do what they need to make a meaningful experience for their students given the current circumstances. That is what we are doing at VJA. My suggestion here, to everyone, is to wait for information to come from the hosts where you will be able to read the logic in our thinking and emphasis on the primary thinking of keeping people safe this season. Please be on the look out soon for OFFICIAL information to come from a grouping of show hosts regarding our plans for this fall. Thanks for your patience and stay safe.
  3. Recap from the day. http://recaps.competitionsuite.com/0da52c14-f8de-465e-9e33-d5f8242aa9e9.htm
  4. 2015 Schedule

    Information on the VJA Show! The 1st Annual Victor J Andrew High School Marching Invitational On Saturday October 3rd, 2015 In Tinley Park, Illinois! The Andrew High School Marching Invitational is a field show competition utilizing a BOA-style judging format. A top-tier judging panel from DCI, BOA, and top high school and college programs makes this competition an excellent prep for upcoming state level competition or even Bands of America Events. If you are interested please register here! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1e6ZkXjVeEuwVkDiGbE0kWREunTYoqZndsSLwSpVw6e4/viewform The fee is $175 and information can be found on the registration form. I sincerely hope to see you there! Contact me if you have any questions! Mark Iwinski Victor J Andrew High School 708-342-5938 miwinski@d230.org
  5. Favorite Band Shows 2014

    VJA Bands is partial to Made In America....
  6. Victor J. Andrew High School is seeking an additional field technician for their fall color-guard with the possibility of continuing into the winter season. Responsibilities would include: Attending all color-guard rehearsals, full ensemble rehearsals, and performances as indicated on the calendar at www.vjabands.com Ability to work and clean flag and rifle work. Ability to tech the field while working drill/visual rehearsal. Work 1-1 with students as needed. Please contact Mark Iwinski, director of bands, AND Laura Reis, color guard director with your interest and a resume. Email addresses below. miwinski@d230.org laurareis22@aol.com
  7. Carolina Crown at VJA

    World Champion drum corps Carolina Crown will be housed at Victor J. Andrew High School on Thursday, June 19th. Rehearsals are open and I assume there will be some show runs at the end of the night. Contact Mark Iwinski for more information or if you plan to stop by yourself, with students, or have students coming on their own. Miwinski@d230.org Thanks and best of luck with summer preparations to all Illinois bands.
  8. 2014 Marching Band Shows

    VJA's music is: The Promise of Living from "A Tender Land": Aaron Copland Chester: William Schuman Red Pony Suite, Walk to the Bunkhouse and Happy Ending: Aaron Copland We hope you enjoy if you get a chance to see it this fall.
  9. Fun Band Icons (for fun)

    Excellent, Thank you!!