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  1. Scores for the weekend of October 11, 2014

    As an alum from the 90's of a small high school that has had some success I can tell you that I don't remember the trophies. I don't remember what competitions we won or didn't win. But I remember memories from band camp, bus trips and over night trips to Indy. Parents, relax. It's one of the most subjective activities in all of high school. Gymnastics might be the highest. I know you want to win, and the kids to do. But in 5 years the kids aren't going to remember or care what they won or didn't win. But they are going to remember memories with their best friends and they are going to know how to play a musical instrument at a high level. Two invaluable things in their adult lives, in my opinion.
  2. ISU 2012

    So, with the entire east grandstand gone, along with the lights and that entire east parking lot closed, how are they doing finals with half a set of lights? ISU isn't playing any night games this year due to the lights being gone. Any one know how they are handling this? If you don't know what is going on with Hancock stadium, they are building a complete new grandstand on the east side, which will actually be where the press box is starting in 2013. http://www.goredbirds.com/hancockrenovation/
  3. U of I recaps are up

    Did they take down the results? I get broken links for every thing 2007. And let's knock off the ISU vs U of I debate....because I don't want to get dragged into it.
  4. ISU 2007 2.0

    ISU spent thousands upon thousands of dollars this off season on the turf. Not only is the turf new, but the crown is gone. No longer can you stand on one sideline and not see the feet of a person standing on the opposite sideline. It's a totally flat field now.
  5. Hacker?

    Hopefully ilmarching gets his email because I don't have any access to update the front site. Like Dan said, try to come straight here because you don't know what kind of things are embeded on that page that was hacked.
  6. 2007 Shows

    You do not want the IHSA or IMEA or any one taking over marching band. I agree with the guy from Indiana, one system for the entire state would just be bad, in my opinion. I like the fact that there are different scoring systems. I think people agree that ISU is scored one way which is an advantage for certain bands and UIUC is scored another way which is an advantage for different bands. If you just have one, it's only an advantage for those bands. Every one else is left out.
  7. Shows for 2007

    Let's keep this thread to actual shows, not shows that you think would be funny or shots at other bands. Thanks!
  8. ISU Band Day Merchandise!

    There is a NEW website to buy merchandise from ISU Bands. Some items that are sold on this website are patches, programs and sweatshirts from the State of Illinois Invitational Marching Band Championships listed under the menu heading "Band Day". Other items that are listed are recordings of ISU performing ensembles, Merchandise for Illinois State's Marching Band. The website for the ISUBandStore is: http://www.mdoher.com/isubandstore/ We run PayPal as a means for people to pay for items and we ship all items United States Postal Service Priority Mail in 1-2 days with delivery confirmation.
  9. ISU football stadium to be renovated...

    No problem. I'm a big time ISU athletics fan so I have a good idea of what's going on down here at ISU.
  10. Review: ISU Finals

    Psssh, it's weird putting ANYTHING behind LW. Yes, I'm old.
  11. ISU 2006

    Some bands choose not to come to ISU, such as Prospect. At least in the past, even when they have had the chance, they do not apply.
  12. Review: ISU Finals

    Morton has 955 students, according to the IHSA. http://www.ihsa.org/school/schools/morton.htm
  13. U of I

    Yow. If that's controversial I better take my leave. See you guys in the stands! It's a touchy subject around central IL. Some people want it some don't. Just move it to another board, that's all. Like ilmarching said, you aren't in any trouble. Just didn't want that fire to start here in this thread.
  14. U of I

    Im pretty sure there were no fireworks... There was also a comment earlier how the U of I judging was outdated because Prospect didn't win field. It's true that they are an amazing band, but does that mean that they were going to be the best forever? And Hersey worked hard for this too. Was it fire out of the tubas? If so, it was probably flash paper, which is what Illinois St uses as well.
  15. ATTN: Mods

    I think we'd like to keep them open for people to talk about each class seperately.