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  1. Who will win 4A at ISU?

    Lincoln Way North will go out on top in it's final year !
  2. U of I/ISU Discussion Thread

    The props added a great deal to the "Fields of Gold" LWN show. Are you saying that the bands should be penalized for using props? Or do the props somehow mask some kind of marching or music deficiencies? Of the 14 schools that performed in finals competion, only 4 had scores increase from the pre-lims (they were the top 4 finishers). Is this typical?
  3. Shows for the weekend of September 22, 2012

    How would the proposed IHSA competition determine classes?
  4. Shows for the weekend of September 22, 2012

    How are the classes determined? At Wheeling they have 3 schools w/ enrollments greater than 2000 in class 2A, (WWS, Glenbard West & Waubonsie Valley) while some smaller schools (Marian 1443, Lemont 1493 and Lincoln Way North 1755) are competing in 3A. Does the school decide whic class they want to compete in?