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  1. HS Band in need.

    My band program is in desperate need of 2 Marching Baritones. Unfortunately we have no budget. For 30 years, I have been a huge supporter of many programs donating time, money, and other resources so I thought I would reach out. Anything would be welcomed and appreciated. I can't stand to see a student witout an instrument. I do have some personal items I could trade. If you can help, please contact me at gw.schumann@comcast.net thank you!
  2. Free Band/Corps Assortment

    I am cleaning out my trailer and have an assortment of things that would be useful to a marching band or drum corps such as uniform parts, Aussies, Some guard tards, flag poles , silks, even an assortment of old drum rims and parts. All will be free to a good home. You have to pick up though. Call or email me at gary@knightfiredrumcorps.org or (217) 274-1167. Please don't engage in endless emails or ask for pictures of the stuff. It is what it is and it would be worth it to come pick it up. The Aussies alone are worth the trip. Gary
  3. As our programs become more and more "Drum Corps-esque", so does the need to hire specialists to develop the individual sections of our bands and I will admit that prior to becoming a certified Music Educator, I worked for many years as a contracted instructor and am sure I will utilize contracted services as well because there are many skilled people willing to put in the long hours for very little pay because they are dedicated to the art. However, over time, I have worked for directors who had been "burned" by instructors who have taken money and never showed up. Instructors who charged them for work they never did. or even worse, instructors who had to be fired for inappropriate behavior, ie. relationships with students etc. So I though that this forum would be a great opportunity to encourage my fellow educators to check out "who is working with their children" I have always provided a Resume with not only references from prior directors with whom I had worked for, but character references as well. This is a given but do you check these references or did you hire them over the phone b/c they talk a good game? It wouldn't hurt too to check out their resume....if they say "I have drum corps experience." Have them provide some proof. There once was a guy who said he was a drill writer and had studied with the top show designers at the time, but nobody heard of him. When he was called out, he stated "I studied the videos of the top Corps". Reputable instructors will be affiliated with professional organizations such as PAS, Vic Firth Education Team. Or have worked with reputable programs. Audition them to ensure they have the skill set to teach the level of your students. Another good idea would be to have them come in and teach a lesson while you observe. just as, not all teachers are players, not all players are teachers. check with your district HR and your principal. Some districts require Volunteers to be fingerprinted. Remember the saying "You Don't know what you don't know>>>>>> I Urge you to protect you students and even you career and check out who you are about to hire.
  4. Yamaha Drums For Sale

    4 - 13" sf MTS Snares 2 sets. Quints Field Corps Series (6-10-12-13-14) 5 Bass Drums 16"- 18"- 20"- 22"- 24" All with covers, cases, carriers, and Stadium stands. Stick bags . Bass Drums equipped with rimsavers and mallet holders. This equipment is in amazing condition and available at a more than reasonable price. Call Gary @ 217 274-1167 if or email gary@knightfiredrumcorps.org 0