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  1. Enrollment, Judging, Illinois, and Random Draw

    Like any system, there are exceptions. Morton is one of those. Great staff, planning, instruction and execution trumps the system in every case. But, I don't think you can argue school size resources without considering band size issues. That is my point. The numbers are just arbitrary examples. Having taught, designed, judged, and put festivals together for several years, there are several issues to consider. My comments are simply "the other side of the story" in order to further discussion. The word hide does get thrown around, but it is true. Maybe directors do not say it, but we know it happens (mostly by student choice). In a small group where you only have 3 trumpets, you can tell which ones are playing. In a larger group, it is harder to determine (unless on the field judging) which players are truly contributing. And this does not mean smaller groups cannot compete with larger groups. Again, resources versus numbers. Both very valid points to consider.
  2. Enrollment, Judging, Illinois, and Random Draw

    I do agree that school size is important, but then can a band of 50 really compete against a band of 150? You can't hide in a group that is small, but can in a larger group. Musically speaking, that playing field is not level either. And you can't seriously agree that a band of 150 from a school of 600 can't compete with a band of 150 from a school of 2000. I have seen it happen. It is not about money. Sure, a larger program has more resources to pull from, but it is also the use of those resources or the availability of them. There are tons of other factors involved. I do like a hybrid system that balances both. Separating programs by school size first then band size: Example: 1A (School size 1-800, <70 in band) 2A (1-800, >70) 3A (801-1200, <100) 4A (801-1200, >100) 5A (1201+, <115) 6A (1201+, >115) Just something to think about.
  3. Enrollment, Judging, Illinois, and Random Draw

    I do agree that the state needs to be more organized with a standard scoring system. I don't know if the BOA sheets and system are the way to go. They are great, don't get me wrong. The issue that I have is that only a very small percentage of bands in the state of IL actually participate in BOA events. Can we truly us that system to judge the gestalt of our state? We need to balance a system that fair assesses all bands in the state. The focus on music performance and visual performance may need to be more significant in a state system as many groups are focuses on overall effect. Also, we are assessing music education programs. Again, not against BOA at all. Love it and attending St. Louis on Friday. But as a state, we must find a system that works for the highest percentage of ensembles in Illinois. Also, classification system. Band size? School size? Hybrid? What would be the most balanced?
  4. 2014 Schedule

    We are excited to announce the adjudication panel for the 2014 Panther Marching Band Festival at Eastern Illinois University Music: David Cooksey (DCI), Paul Hinman (BOA), W. Dale Warren (BOA) Visual: Keith Baker (DCI), Tim Gray (Visual Designer, DCI experience), Eric Sabach (DCI) Percussion: Adam Hill (Midwest Percussion Cooperative) Guard/Auxiliary: Sara Gray
  5. Shows/Scores for the weekend of October 26, 2013

    Additionally, there are parts of the scoring rubric that deal with demand of show musically and visually.
  6. Shows/Scores for the weekend of October 26, 2013

    I appreciate the feedback. This is a system in the works and I want to build something that fairly accesses all Illinois bands. Additionally, this is a music education system and focusing on the "how" sometimes should take priority over the "what". If every group was performing shows like O'Fallon, Marian Catholic, or even Mt. Zion, it would be different. However, groups perform a wide variety of shows and providing a fair and balanced system to score all bands is a challenge. BOA is a special type of marching competition, and only a very small percent of bands attend annually. Again, I do appreciate the feedback. The marching arts have changed greatly since I starting back in the 19xx.......when I have a freshman in high school. And until there is a system in Illinois..............
  7. Shows/Scores for the weekend of October 26, 2013

    Here is the recap from EIU. Sorry for the delay. 298_.pdf
  8. Shows/Scores for the weekend of October 26, 2013

    I am sure their director is taking a day off to watch football after a long day. They will be sent soon.
  9. Shows/Scores for the weekend of October 26, 2013

    It is a very solid group. Visual judges are all BOA/DCI/WGI judges, so group will get great feedback from experienced people. The music judges are fantastic band music educators and will provide insight that can be used year round. It is a great contest to end the season on or tune up for Grand Nationals. We are using new sheets this year, using a cross between BOA and some other states' sheets (KY, IN where I have worked). Scoring is a 50/50 split on music and visual with weight on performance not effect. The biggest difference is our new classification system. We divide into Small and Large Divisions by school size (1-800, 801+), then classes by band size. It should allow for a more balanced contest.
  10. Shows/Scores for the weekend of October 26, 2013

    The contest at EIU is going to be one heck of a show!
  11. Judging in Illinois (and beyond)

    "Until we (Illinois) come up with some semblance of a standard sheet or tool for judging, comparing scores and results is not possible or beneficial. The sheets and systems for judging vary so much from competition to competition that even we directors have a hard time figuring out what the judges are looking for. It does sound like U of I is coming more in line with BOA/ISU judging standards, so maybe that would help push others in a similar direction. If ISU, U of I, EIU, WIU, NIU would use the same sheets and judging system, that would be a huge improvement!" By "judging standards" do you mean the actually judges or the sheets? (I am sure you mean sheets, but I will cover both) I believe that our panel of judges at EIU is a solid group of individuals that have great experience in the marching arts. As for sheets, I believe that we can come up with a standardized form for each area. BOA sheets are great, but are not the only ones out there. Having taught in KY and IN (both of which have state organized events), we need to find sheets that will best evaluate OUR state. I have thought about this a great deal lately, which has lead me to try a new system of classification and evaluation. We will see how it works on Oct. 26. I am always open to input and finding ways to improve what we do.
  12. 2013 ISU Classifications

    President of the company pledge Phi Mu Alpha with me. Great company.
  13. We are excited to announce that 3 scholarships will be awarded to students from the performing ensembles during the 2013 Panther Marching Band Festival! A full scholarship to the 2014 Eastern Music Camp will be awarded to the top soloist in both Small Division (1a and 2a combined) and Large Division (3a and 4a combined). Additionally, the ensemble with the highest score for Drum Major regardless of class will be awarded a scholarship to the 2014 Smith-Walbridge Drum Major Camps.
  14. Here are bands that have registered for PMB Fest 2013: Charleston Paris Cooperative Normal Community Edwardsville O'Fallon Monticello Mahomet-Seymour Belleville East East Ridgeland Normal West LaSalle-Peru Event is capped at 40 bands. Shaping up to be a great day!
  15. 2013 Contest Dates

    Well, ones that I have spoken with have said such things, and indicated that it was very common in the state. To clarify, the 50 miles was as far across the state line they could go.