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  1. Pontiac Indian Showdown - Sept 21

    It was exciting to watch Richwoods get involved in competitive marching! Enjoyed all the shows. Wish the weather had held off for 3a - truly appreciated the live stream.
  2. Community + West = awesome

  3. Who are your Finalist Bands from 1A-4A?

    I chose IVC, Morton, Marian Catholic, and Lincoln-Way North as likely class winners. I feel that the final 3 spots are going to be ridiculously competitive! I think it will be an epic battle between Limestone, Bloomington, Normal West, Lincoln-Way West, Lincoln-Way Central, Batavia, and I certainly don't count out Romeoville or United Township. So many finals-worthy shows. This is going to be an amazing year at ISU!!!
  4. 2015 Director Changes

    Tremendous pickup for Morton!
  5. Rose Parade

    I was also blown away by Blue Springs MO. A nice Illinois marching connection there as I believe the director is a Washington Community alumni.
  6. Rose Parade

    Great showing by O'Fallon in the Rose Parade today!
  7. Who wins finals at ISU?

    Is anyone else sensing that scores will be extremely close for the top 4 or 5? Is anyone else excited that it seems less predictable than previous years? I think there are several serious contenders....
  8. Who MAKES FINALS from 1A-4A at ISU

    3A puts (the same) 3 in the finals again! 4a will be an interesting battle between LWN, LWC, and Normal Community. Limestone is in the mix again this year - could this be the year they finally break in?
  9. Washington Marching Panther Invitational: 9/6/2014

    Great lineup, great forecast, new turf field, and 20 bands...wow - Washington! What a great way to open week 1. Let's pack the house.
  10. I'm totally in the mood to see some awesome performances tonight at Show of Shows in Metamora. Great weather - check! Great venue - check! 8 amazing drum corps in town ready to perform lights-out shows - check! Blue Saints Legends Music City Pioneer Colts The Cadets Blue Devils Phantom Regiment Who's with me? Let's pack the place.
  11. Washington Band Director Tornado Fund

    Thanks for posting this. Think about anything and everything you have ever loved about band (marching band or other) and that is who Jim Tallman is. Simply an amazing director and person - can't say enough positive things for what he has done for music in central Illinois and in the lives of thousands of young people. Please consider giving!
  12. Who wins EIU Class 5A

    I agree with this but have to add Bloomington (not listed on poll) into the throw down for third!
  13. Who Makes Finals from Class 1A-4A at ISU?

    I wouldn't leave Limestone out...they are doing really well this year. Limestone is definitely in this mix.
  14. Favorite 2013 shows/moments

    for central IL I would say a big ditto to saxyman's list of shows and I would add Bloomington and Normal West. As far as a particular moment, I thought it was very cool to see Monticello make a snare drum pyramid!
  15. Scores for September 14-15, 2013

    Morton results: Class A: 1. Geneseo (auxiliary, percussion, winds) 2. East Peoria 3. Olympia Class AA: 1. Limestone (auxiliary, percussion, winds) 2. Davenport Central 3. Dunlap Class AAA: 1. Bloomington (percussion, winds tie) 2. Normal West (auxiliary, winds tie) 3. United Township Grand Champion Auxiliary: Normal West Grand Champion Percussion: Blomington Grand Champion Winds: Bloomington, Normal West tie Overall Grand Champion: Bloomington