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  1. Fun Band Icons (for fun)

    Hello, YES I am bringing this back! I will start working on some of these so you have a more expansive library of icons here on ilmarching. I think I'm gonna have a line up maybe a few each week when I am not busy Coming up I got, Naperville Central, Lemont (Update*), Plainfield Central, Tri-Valley, and Mt. Zion
  2. Fun Band Icons (for fun)

    I approve of this. We need to give you some kind of award.... hm... I think just having the little pictures on the site is enough of an award thanks
  3. Fun Band Icons (for fun)

    It would take a while but I could actually get the rest of ISU participants for 2013 and then go from there
  4. Fun Band Icons (for fun)

    Here is a link to each individual Icon
  5. Fun Band Icons (for fun)

    I would absolutely love for you to do that. I do have each icon save as an individual PNG file however I only have the bands who have been an ISU finalist completed. If you would like me to I could make more for other Illinois bands. I will send them to you later. Thanks.
  6. Fun Band Icons (for fun)

    If you have ever been to dciscores you understand that each drum corps has their own little icon, I have made little Icons for some bands in illinois (based on their most recent fielded look) Here is an example: Here are the past 4 years of ISU finals: I did this for fun the photo taken of the performer was screenshot from Jolesch and it is a student at Downers Grove South HS Whaddya think?
  7. Voters needed for 2013 Bands of the Year

    Will you be bringing back the public voting this year as well?
  8. Illinois Finalists at the Indy Regional

    AAh I thought there were 14 places. Plainfield North is a DarkHorse in Indy then I hope they do well
  9. Illinois Finalists at the Indy Regional

    I would say O'Fallon and Marian Catholic will have spot in finals definitely. But it seems that Plainfield North and Lockport could both make finals and Lake Park has a chance but we don't know how they will do since they will not be scored at a show until that event. Those are my 3 i would say have a shot. 4 illinois bands in finals would be great compared to the 7 Indianas that make it on the norm.
  10. Shows/Scores for the weekend of October 26, 2013

    why? I have heard they need that weekend to rehearse for bands of america coming up soon. In my opinion that is good for them!
  11. U of I/ISU Discussion Thread

    (And yes, I have no love loss for the use of excessive props or electronics.) Yes, excessive props are what really grinds my gears. I dislike when groups just add more props and expect a higher score on their show in wherever they would help. Yes it's good that they contrast groups who are strictly marching and music, but at the same time I did mention I personally felt like they were placed okay, i don't see why everyone feels they should have placed higher because you know, props that sit there and barely do nothing are just irksome. musically and visually they were good and they were placed appropriately, i just don't agree that they should have placed higher
  12. U of I/ISU Discussion Thread

    While I do agree that LWN should have been placed higher I disagree with your statement that it was a perfect show. I disagree with both. 1. I think you might be biased towards LWN because no one would be marching a "perfect show" this early in the season when every group has either barely finished their show or are nearly done. 2. I would have placed them below lockport or even Lincoln way east due to the fact that the other 2 groups have a theme they can communicate to the audience without the use of excessive props. While I don't know if Marian had any, prospect had zero props , plainfield really.only had the big cloth thing, and lake park had the chairs and rope. And both those groups did it tastefully. Also when you look at the scores they actually tied with lake park with plain field over them by 2 points and prospect/MC 7 I think. Point is I think the judging was done fairly and every group was put in an appropriate place. Besides who would you have placed them over? They got 5th there is not much of a selection.
  13. U of I/ISU Discussion Thread

    I would love to hear some reviews of the finalists at ISU!
  14. Who Wins Finals at ISU?

    I do not agree with this. I believe the only band you listed that has a chance at beating them at ISU is Prospect. I don't believe Hersey will do as well at this show as others because they have had their full show and other bands scoring around them have progressed. Also I do not believe Lake Park will has that easy a win in their class let alone finals.
  15. Who Wins Class 6A at ISU?

    It is so hard to tell for this one. With Downers Grove South winning at Prospect, they have a possibility of taking the class. But then, Lockport could take it because they just did extremely well at a bands of america even beating lincoln way east [another great band] by a few spots. Plainfield North has been showing up too at their past few shows they were close to marian and hersey at wheeling and beat Lockport at the Lake Park show. Or you know, Lake Park could win like they normally do i mean they were 3rd at ISU last year. I say these 4 bands have spots taken in finals however im not sure where spread out with 5A. Naperville North made finals last year too so who knows. they could be a surpise and beat out Victor J. Andrew or something! Overall I am extremely excited for the weekend