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  1. Surplus stuff for sale

    The Newton Marching Eagles are selling surplus color guard uniforms and flags. There is a facebook page with everything available. There will soon be our flower props from this year for sale. We will post there when we are ready to sell. The link to the page is below. If that doesn't work, search for Newton Marching Eagles Surplus. Thanks! https://www.facebook.com/groups/440823536583632/
  2. EIU Panther Marching Band Festival - Oct 5

    Very well could have been announcer/tabulator error. They messed up on a 2A caption award as well as the tabulation sheets didn’t match up with the judges sheets. This was probably the poorest run EIU competition in my experience.
  3. Shows for the weekend of October 25, 2014

    Greg Bimm still writes for Newton.
  4. Enrollment, Judging, Illinois, and Random Draw

    School size should be the only way to go. Why? Generally speaking, larger schools=more money. More money=more hired staff. More hired staff=greater individual focus. Generally speaking, smaller schools are the opposite. Unfortunately, money makes the world go round. Also, every school in each class has the same opportunities to get large numbers, proportionate to their school body. A school with 400 kids but 150 in their band should NEVER go against a school of 3000 with 150 in their band. It's not a level playing field. Larger schools can be more selective and get rid of the bad marchers/players because there are more from which to choose. If a suburban school with a student body of 2000+ only has 80 in ther band, that's their problem/fault. Again, my two cents.
  5. Enrollment, Judging, Illinois, and Random Draw

    I understand this sentiment. U of I has started to take that approach, by rotating the class sizes within small and large schools, but I think they should take it a step further by rotating the small school and large school performance time. We've performed everywhere from 8:00-1:30, but NEVER in the evening. In our class, which is the largest of the whole day, many of the bands are among the largest the whole day. There is nothing like performing in a large stadium at night, but sadly, most of our kids won't get to experience that. Also, regarding scores, and having larger schools outscore smaller schools that make it into finals, I'm not sure how ISU works, but most competitions have obvious score inflation as you advance in classes. We have seen "bad" bands in a larger class outscore "good" bands in a smaller class, merely because they are in the larger class. Just my two cents.
  6. 2014 Schedule

    Can we please update Newton's festival information? I know the information has been sent both via e-mail and through the submit info option. Our festival is in less than 2 weeks, and we would like to make sure that our schedule is out well in advance. Thank you.
  7. ISU 2011

    Any scores for the other competitions in the state? Thanks!
  8. ISU 2011

    Yes. Some of the bands (Marian, on a national level, Broken Arrow, L.D. Bell) have completely different shows for the football crowd. Marian does a complete pep band show of 1970's hits, Broken Arrow brings out the 400+ member Tradition, and L.D. Bell does pep band tunes. Then that makes sense. I just couldn't imagine some of these shows at a football game. Of course, at our school, they come to watch the band and leave after halftime, because there isn't much else going on
  9. ISU 2011

    I agree with what you are saying, and I would never have my band do a stock arrangement, or a Hal Leonard box set. We do original pieces, but ones that are upbeat and in your face but with its soft side as well. The killer for me with a lot of the shows is that there is usually no climax. It stays the same consistent level, with the nice symphonic sound, but no great "Ahh" moment. It's just my preference, and my kids' as well. I never said what the bands are doing is wrong-it's done well, but not my cup of tea for marching band. For instance, I loved Batavia's show this year, but unfortunately, what I payed attention to the whole time were the two violins and cello. I couldn't have told you what the guard, or the rest of the band was doing, because I was focused on the pit the whole time. They served the show well, but if you have to rely on amplified strings as the focal point for your marching band show, maybe a different show should have been picked? Again, I thought it sounded great, and just using them as an example.
  10. ISU 2011

    This will undoubtedly be controversial, and I do not mean for it to be taken that way at all.. I understand the direction of marching band is changing, but what I don't get is, why? In most schools, the purpose of a marching band is to provide entertainment for a football game. Competitions are second in your purpose. Why then, are so many bands using concert band arrangements for their field shows? As a band director, it is hard to find shows that will be both competitive, yet entertaining for your home crowd, but they are out there! I am a huge fan of Eric Whitacre in a concert band setting, but I can only take so much of him on the field. Watching the rest of the bands at U of I, and I can only assume ISU as well, everything starts to sound the same after a while. Do these bands play these shows for football games, play a completely different show, or not play at home games at all? <legit question.. Talking to a neighboring band's parent recently, they said "Hardly any of the band parents go to the football games, because we can only stand to be bored to death once in a weekend, and we'd rather support the competitions." That's sad to me! Side rant...why use props? If you can't support your theme/show with your drill, music, and auxiliary, then you aren't doing something right. The same goes for electronic music, narration, and recorded music. Why?! Now, by no means am I negating the work that the students, directors, and support staff do. They are all extremely talented in what they do. I guess I'm just an extreme traditionalist!
  11. Scores for October 22, 2011

    Any scores from Rich Central or Shelbyville?