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  1. BOA 2018-19

    Actually they did the show almost entirely acoustic. They had pit electronic issues and the kids held it together like pros. The visual was best I have seen them this year. They will be fine in Semis.
  2. St Louis Super Regional

  3. St Louis Super Regional

    Broken Arrow Blue Springs O'Fallon Marian Catholic Owasso Jenks Dripping Springs Bellevue West Lincoln-Way Betonville Grain Valley Blue Springs South Lafayette LA Fort Zumwalt North
  4. St Louis Super Regional

    All 3 of those Illinois bands will make finals easily.
  5. except LW is not going GN in Nov
  6. Time for a change

    Agreed. We talk about this all the time.
  7. BOA Grand Nats

    Go O'Fallon
  8. BOA Grand Nats

    Those are Indiana times.
  9. Results 10-28

    Belleville East Scores Anyone?
  10. BOA Super Regionals (St Louis/Indy)

    STL 1. Broken Arrow 2. Blue Springs 3. O'Fallon 4. Owasso 5. Cypress Falls 6. Prospect 7. Grain Valley 8. Bentonville 9. Morton 10. Westwood TX 11. Camdenton 12. Jenks 13. Zumwalt North 14. Bixby
  11. ISU

    Go O'Fallon
  12. Scores for the weekend of October 29

    The Belleville recap opened for me. I was there, it is correct. Click on the Scores tab at the bottom
  13. Southern IL Bands

    Only 2 bands from MO that I can remember beating O'Fallon. One is a little band called Blue Springs and the other isn't Rolla. If they don't compete head to head everything else is opinion and not fact. I don't think Rolla is coming to BOA STL are they?
  14. My grandfather

    Love It!!!
  15. Bands of America Grand Nationals Schedule

    I think it will be just like last weekend. Marion Catholic O'Fallon I could see Lake Park sneaking in there as well, especially with the 16th place finish this past weekend. The Friday performance day will make it very tough for them but the more Illinois bands that make it the better.