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  1. Show Titles and Music for 2018-19

    Heritage - Metal Madness - music by Barry Hurt I. Gears II. Mechanical Rhythms III. Cold Steel Mystery IV. Engine Sparks
  2. Big kudos to Brad Wallace and his crew on an excellent contest! Balanced classes Affordable fee Quality judging Outstanding performance venue A real lined field for warm-ups Plenty of parking Very friendly staff at all points Knowledgeable guides Tasty concessions This show is a must for my kids every year. They love the experience...and honestly, there's something about the tunnel entrance they get a kick out of...who knows... Anyway, when next year's date is announced, everyone should make a point to be there. It is truly a 'something for everyone' kind of contest, and its worth every penny!
  3. 2012 Marching Shows

    Heritage High School ¬°Jugar con Fuego! El Campeon - Story Perfidia - arr. Keliher Tito's Taxicab - Brooks Land of Make Believe - arr. Story
  4. 2011 Marching Shows

    Heritage High School - beatles:media
  5. Shows for 10/30

    Danville originally scheduled for the Sept 11 and received a poor response. Then they rescheduled for the 30th and generated only a few bands. Then they dropped the the contest. Too bad, a contest with a long rich history is no longer. There are a few people upset about the way it happened. Dan already posted their date for next year...hopefully they'll make a go of it again. They have a very 'unique' venue...but its quite cozy in a good way, and the one year I was there it was very well run.
  6. Why is there no state championship?

    Consistent classifications, scoring, and adjudication could all be facilitated by a parent organization. I'm all for it.
  7. Scores for 10/23

    This was a topic in the director's-only forum on here last season. Unless the rules explicitly prohibit it, it is completely legal. I believe it becomes a legit 'problem' if the director crosses the white line into the field area, but otherwise, nothing can be done. I don't approve of it, and I think there comes a point where you have to turn them loose and let it happen. However, each director sees their own role and the role of their student-leaders differently.
  8. Scores for 10/16

    BTW...big kudos to the folks at Shelbyville...an outstanding venue and a great experience!
  9. Scores for 10/16

    After paying that fee, participation in the contest should be recognized at the awards ceremony to give parents/fans a last chance to offer support.
  10. Scores for 10/16

    Shelbyville Ram Band Festival Parade Results ---Class C/D 1) Pana (mus) 2) Oblong (perc, aux) 3) Heritage Okaw Valley (DM) ---Class B 1) Atwood-Hammond (mus, aux) 2) Ridgeview (perc) 3) Rantoul (DM) ---Class A 1) Urbana (mus) 2) Mattoon (perc, aux) 3) Carterville Unity (DM) ---Class AA 1) Monticello (perc) 2) Rochester (mus, DM, aux) Field Show ---Class C/D 1) Okaw Valley (mus, DM) 2) Georgetown-Ridge Farm (aux, perc) 3) Heritage ---Class B 1) Atwood-Hammond (all caps) 2) Rantoul 3) Ridgeview ---Class A 1) Mattoon (music, perc, aux) 2) Carterville 3) Urbana Unity (DM) ---Class AA 1) Monticello (all caps) 2) Rochester Grand Champion - Monticello
  11. Scores for 10/16

    I was able to view Murphysboro at Effingham...just a fun show full of great music, attention to detail, entertainment, and super-clean drill. Loved it!
  12. Band Size Vs. School Size

    Every system would have anomalies...you have to come up with something that works for the majority, and I think my suggestion would work pretty well. What would I do w/ situations like MC or LWW? Nothing. Wherever the agreed upon dividing lines are, so they fall, and you go with it.
  13. Band Size Vs. School Size

    I've always been a fan of a hybrid system: Split everyone into 2 groups based on schools size (class A/AA and class 3A/4A), and within each of those 2 groups, create 2 or 3 classes based on band size. Illinois has such a wide range of school enrollments and participating bands, this could work very well.
  14. Scores for October 9th, 2010

    From the Director's Packet for the EIU contest: "Each band may perform up to 10 minutes in length with an additional 3 minutes allowed for entrance and on-field warm-up. There is also an allotted 2 minute exit off the field before cadences must cease." Had someone been timing Robinson, I wonder if they'd have gone over the 10 minutes. No penalties are specified in the packet, however, so there is no stated consequence for going over the time limit.
  15. Scores for October 9th, 2010

    One would think if you perform it on the field, it counts toward the score. I did notice the drum major judge talking into her recorder during the pop songs at the end, so I'm assuming it's a factor.