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  1. Time for a change

    Whoops...I think the notification I have set up to tell us there are videos in the queue is broken! There are a bunch in the queue I need to go approve...damn technology, why can't it just work! Edit: Ok, maybe not a "BUNCH", but there were 15 submissions, 7 of them were dead links. Really does highlight the hardship we have finding working videos to link
  2. ILMarching Emails

    Hey everyone, We discovered an issue with the emails we send from the forums on ILMarching. This has prevented people from signing up for the forums. If you have tried to sign up and never received a confirmation email...this is why. These issues have been resolved, so you should retry signing up or reconfirming your email. Sorry for the inconvenience! Mark
  3. Scores for the weekend of October 17, 2015

    I did some digging in our database and found 3 ties at ISU (Before last night). 2 in prelims and 1 in finals. ISU Seems to be a bit inconsistent in how they report ties. In 2011, Pontiac and Providence Catholic tied for 5th place in 2A. The score sheet lists them both as Rank5 in class and Rank19 1a-4a: http://ilmarching.com/uploads/ISU1A-4A.xls In 2012, Naperville Central and Warren Township tied for 6th place in 6A. The score sheet lists them both as Rank6 in class and Rank11 in 5a-6a. http://ilmarching.com/uploads/ISU20125A-6Arecapprelims.pdf In 2013, Lake Part and Lincoln-Way North tied for 4th place in Finals. The score sheet lists Lake Park as 4th and LWN as 5th. Presumably, they used the overall GE score as the tie breaker. http://ilmarching.com/uploads/ISUFinals_2013.xls And as we know, last night LWE and VJA tied in 5A. The sheet has them both listed as Rank2 in Class and Rank4 overall. Also Morton and LWE tied in finals. The sheet has them both listed as Rank 7. Originally, I thought they might only apply a tie breaker in finals, but that proved wrong with last nights sheet. My only guess is since the give plaques to bands 14-5, and trophies to 4-1, they had to make a distinction in 2013 for Lake Park and LWN...but I don't see any notes or explanation on any of the sheets. Hooray for data!! I love having archives of all this stuff
  4. Scores for the weekend of October 17, 2015

    ISU Finals 1) Marian Catholic 2) Prospect 3) Lockport 4) Lake Park 5) Lincoln-Way North 6) Victor J. Andrew 7) (TIE) Morton AND Lincoln-Way East 9) John Hersey 10) Downers Grove South 11) Lincoln-Way West 12) Normal West 13) Lincoln-Way Central 14) Herscher
  5. Scores for the weekend of October 17, 2015

    ISU Finals Schedule 7:30: Lincoln-Way West 7:44: Lincoln-Way Central 7:58: Herscher 8:12: Normal West 8:26: Downers Grove South 8:40: Hersey 9:08: Lockport 9:22: Lincoln-Way North 9:36: Victor J. Andrew 9:50: Prospect 10:04: Marian Catholic 10:18 Lake Park 10:32: Morton 10:46 Lincoln-Way East
  6. Scores for the weekend of October 17, 2015

    ISU Class 5A: 1) Prospect (Music, Effect, Visual) 2) Lincoln-Way East (Crowd Appeal) AND Victor J. Andrew (TIE) ISU Class 6A: 1) Lockport (Effect, Visual) 2) Lake Park (Crowd Appeal, Music) 3) Downers Grove South Class 5A-6A Finalists: Prospect Lockport Hersey Lincoln-Way East Downers Grove South Lake Park Victor J. Andrew
  7. Scores for the weekend of October 17, 2015

    Class 3A: 1) Marian Catholic (Music, Visual, Effect) 2) Normal West 3) Lincoln-Way West Bloomington (Crowd Appeal) Class 4A: 1) Lincoln-Way North (Music, Effect, Visual) 2) Lincoln-Way Central 3) Batavia Romeoville (Crowd Appeal) Class 1A-4A Finalists: Herscher Morton Marian Catholic Lincoln-Way North Normal West Lincoln-Way West Lincoln-Way Central
  8. Shows for the Weekend of September 19th

    Pontiac 1A/2A Results 1A 1. Watseka (Percussion, Auxillary, Winds) 2. El Paso-Gridley 3. Fieldcrest 2A 1. Eureka (Auxillary, Winds) 2. University High School (Percussion) 3. Prairie Central 1A/2A Champion: Eureka
  9. Scores for the weekend of October 11, 2014

    ISU Class 1A/2A Results Class 1A 1. IVC (All) 2. UHigh 3. Herscher Class 2A 1. Morton (Crowd, Music, Effect) 2. Lincoln-Way West (Visual) 3. Limestone
  10. Fun Band Icons (for fun)

    I think i probably screwed something up when I uploaded them Ill fix it Fixed I accidentally downloaded the same picture twice and named it wrong...
  11. Fun Band Icons (for fun)

    I think i probably screwed something up when I uploaded them Ill fix it
  12. Fun Band Icons (for fun)

    If you could send me the individual icons (or I may just be able to crop them apart)...I might be able to make these available to everyone on the forums to use as profile pictures. Obviously with your permission of course
  13. Voters needed for 2013 Bands of the Year

    Hey Everyone! So like last year, we are going to allow the public to also vote in our Bands of the Year voting. In years past, this was only for directors, judges, IMO staff, etc. Two years ago, we introduced a public voting scheme, which has been pretty popular in the past. We will take all of the public votes and aggregate them. This ballot will be counted as a single ballot in the official voting. In order to vote, you will need to signup using our BotY registration process. That can be found at http://ilmarching.com/publicBotySignup.php When you signup, you will be sent an email giving you instructions on how to proceed. Please note, if you signed up last year, you need to sign up again!! We purged the database of all last years results, including public registration. We hope you will take part in this…it is always a lot of fun every year for the staff, and we hope you all have fun with it too! ~The ILMarching Staff
  14. Shows/Scores for the weekend of October 26, 2013

    Downers Grove South Prelim Awards: 1A 1. Eureka 2. Providence Catholic 3. Wheaton North GE: Eureka Music: Eureka Visual: Providence Catholic Percussion: Wheaton North Auxillary: Providence Catholic DM: Wheaton North 2A 1. Victor J. Andrew 2. Lincoln-Way Central 3. Batavia GE: Victor J. Andrew Music: Victor J. Andrew Visual: Lincoln-Way Central Percussion: Victor J. Andrew Auxillary: A. A. Stagg DM: A. A. Stagg 3A 1. Plainfield North 2. Morton 3. Lockport GE: Plainfield North Music: Morton Visual: Plainfield North Percussion: Plainfield North Auxillary: Lockport DM: Plainfield Central Finalist Performance Order 7:00 Plainfield Central 7:15 Eureka 7:30 United Township 7:45 Rock Island 8:00 Lincoln-Way Central 8:15 Morton 8:30 Lockport 8:45 Victor J. Andrew 9:00 Glenbrook South 9:15 Plainfield North
  15. U of I Re-stream

    That may or may not be a good thing...I usually muted the announcers during the original broadcast. They were annoying to listen to.