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    COVID 19

    I received a mass email from Barry Houser yesterday announcing the cancellations. Here's the body of it: Hello, Justin! First of all I hope you and your loved ones are doing well and staying safe. We have been living in very interesting and uncertain times. As this pandemic continues to take us all on various daily roller coaster rides, the realization of certain events not taking place are becoming more evident. I am sure this will come as no surprise to you, but I have made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s ILLINOIS BAND DAY & the 50th annual Illinois Marching Band Championships. This decision may be seen as being made too early, however there are many factors I have weighed heavily in these decisions. Trust me, my true want and desire would be to host both of these events for our state of Illinois Band Programs and even more importantly for your students. As I continue to work on behalf of our profession and stay on the front lines of the most recent research, both of these decisions have been driven ultimately by the health, safety and well-being of your students as well as my students as my first priority. Secondly, I feel it would be irresponsible for ILLINOIS to host two events that simply do not abide or adhere to the lastest guidelines provided by the ISBE or the IBHE. None of us as music educators should bear the burden of being partially responsible for any of our students, parents, or other community members being impacted by this virus, directly or indirectly. It's simply not worth it. As you can imagine, this decision is devastating to us on so many fronts, but it is the right one for this season. We will return. As I have shared many times on social media, this year will be different and we need to plan accordingly for it to BE different. We need to look at the HOW and not the WHAT. We need to look at what we CAN do, and not what we CAN'T. It's time to reimagine what we do and make the best decisions for our students so we keep music education alive in EVERY classroom around the country - but we do so with wisdom, scientific research, and not the annual routine of doing what we always do. Think and focus on what is right for your situation as you make plans for this marching season. It is not ideal, but we have to make the best of it for our students. THIS IS TEMPORARY and we WILL get through this, TOGETHER. It is an honor to stand and teach next to amazing programs in our state. Thank you for the opportunity to collaborate with you and to continue to impact your students that we have the opportunity to teach at Illinois. Take care, stay safe, and be well my friends! Barry Barry L. Houser Clinical Associate Professor of Music Associate Director of Bands Director of the Marching Illini
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    Dan Balash

    Updating Band Pages on the Website

    I fail. I don't check the images/videos page that often, because we don''t get emails when we get submissions for videos/pictures. (We do get emails for shows/competition updates.) Apologies!
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    COVID 19

    You're not being overly negative - just practical. We march 35 kids...no football team...so contests are our primary performance. We do 3-4 a year. I'll be shocked if they don't all cancel in the next 2-3 weeks. I'm already making an alternate plan for band camp - I have a few blended and some online-only plans at the moment. We'll still keep teaching kids and fostering a love for the art...but exactly how remains to be seen!
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    COVID 19

    Not trying to be overly negative, but I just don't see how bands, especially larger bands, are going to be able to safely rehearse, learn a show, travel and perform. It's not even clear that all Illinois students will be going physically to schools come August, nor is it clear that there will be PRO sports this Fall, let alone HS football , or that people would be allowed in the stands if there is. Trust me, i WANT there to be marching band this Fall (very sad that drum corps was cancelled this year), but I think the odds are against it. Even if bands can somehow put shows together, would people be allowed in the stands? If not, is it really worth it?
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    Dan Balash

    Random Question

    1A-4A and 5A-6A are broken up into two separate "shows", for lack of a better term. Each grouping gets 7 finalist spots: 1A-4A class winners, plus the next three highest scoring bands in that grouping. 5A-6A class winners, plus the 5 next highest scoring bands in 5A-6A. http://www.ilmarching.com/festivals_detail.php?FestivalID=916&archive=0 1A-4A: Class Winners: 1A: IVC 2A: Morton 3A: Marian Catholic 4A: Hersey Next 3 highest scoring bands: Romeoville, Galesburg, Bloomington 5A-6A: Class Winners: 5A: Prospect 6A: Lockport Township Next 5 highest scoring bands: Lincoln-Way, VJA, Edwardsville, Plainfield North, H.D. Jacobs Finalists are then randomly drawn into two groupings: bottom 4 scoring bands from 1A-4A/bottom 3 scoring bands from 5A-6A, (break), top 3 scoring bands from 1A-4A, top 4 scoring bands from 5A-6A.
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    Traditional Uniforms VS Costumes

    The Cavaliers have it right, a traditional jacket that you can take off with a flex shirt underneath it.
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    Virtual Competition

    In the lead up to official marching band season, and being as hopeful as possible we get to have one, lets do a little something we are all to used to during this pandemic, virtual interaction! I will be hosting a virtual marching band competition right here in the IL Marching forum! Here are the basics; Members of this forum will be allowed to submit videos of shows via this link (https://forms.gle/L65vW9q6uc41mjs68) You DO NOT have to be a member, parent, or director of the band you submit. It is recommended you submit multiple different bands in case their are repeats in submitted bands. Multiple adjudicators will judge the shows using BOA Adjudication sheets There will be differences Instead of two music and visual sub captions there will be one large caption Captions are; Music Performance (40 points) Visual Performance (40 points) Visual GE (20 points) Music GE 1 (20 points) Music GE 2 (20 points) Anyone can apply to be an adjudicator and at the conclusion of the submission time period adjudicators will be announced. Apply to be 1 of the 5 adjudicators here; https://forms.gle/8RitpEiRHf3uQzWF8 Please do not apply to be an adjudicator if you are submitting a show. Submission rules Anyone can submit a video of any band they choose of any show they choose or any year they choose Repeats in band submissions will be dealt with by selecting the first submission of that band It is preferred that the video submitted is in the form of a YouTube video Submissions will begin upon posting this forum and the last day to submit bands is June 18 at 11:59 PM CDT Results of the virtual competitions will be reported when all scores have been calculated by selected adjudicators. Any questions you have you can comment below! Let's make this as fun as possible!
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    Traditional Uniforms VS Costumes

    I fear it continues to marginalize the small school bands with lower budgets, and raises the price barrier into the activity even further.
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    COVID 19

    ISU has now followed suit and officially cancelled. bummer.