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    ISU Results

    Agreed, there are inequalities everywhere no matter what the level. Even LW is at a disadvantage compared to some of these powerhouses in BOA. Look at the budgets of some of these top schools on BOA. Some of them are in the hundreds of thousands and they bring in the best experts from around the country. That makes LW the little guy! I'm rooting for any of our IL schools in BOA against some of these giants. I felt bad for those DGS kids not making finals but they got to celebrate this weekend at UofI and a lot of other schools got to see success at some of the local competitions. Let's celebrate this activity, it gives everyone from the small schools to the large ones a chance to compete and have success. Unlike sports, every kid gets to participate and be apart of something special. In the end, the memories you have as an adult about High School marching band are not where you placed at these competitions but feelings you had walking off the field with your friends.
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    U of I Results

    I have been really impressed with the development of the U of I show over the past 5 years or so. The venue in Champaign is the best in the state. With the bad weather this year they were able to do a full field show competition on their indoor turf, instead of a standstill. Which is a HUGE plus. However, I don't really think there is a comparison between the two shows when it comes to level of competition. ISU seems to attract most of the bands that are achieving at the highest levels of BOA, U of I has not been able to consistently attract those types of bands to their show. Time will tell if that trend continues, but despite whether you agree with how a specific judging panel calls a show, theres no doubt ISU is the show that reigns supreme right now.