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    Downloading shows

    I know that this isn't a torrent website, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any sites where I could find and download marching shows or audio, I can't seem to find any anywhere. I'm currently looking for L.D. Bell's Trilogy, you could once watch them on Youtube, but after a dispute with Mr. Video they had to take them off.
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    Downloading shows

    No, but you're close. In order to compete, each band must have copyright clearance for each piece they perform. Copyrights are a big thing with BOA, as there was an issue a few years back with Grand Nationals dvds being delayed until almost May because of copyright issues.So, in theory at least, a group with a custom music and drill that they either owned or controlled the rights to could tell one of the organizations to go hang it on their ear.
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    I made us an Aim Bot... His Name is ILMarchingBOT add him and talk to him! He may just reply!
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    Other Music

    Bell 2007 > almost everything else on earth. I love the music from Pan's, and I think they tackled better than anyone else could have. Gotta say though, liked Bell 2006 better.
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    Dan Balash

    Other Music

    I also listen to a lot of movie/play soundtracks. My top 5 most played tracks according to last .fm: 1.) TRANSCENDents-L.D. Bell 2007 2.) Turbine-John Mackey 3.) Annuals mvt. 2-John Mackey 4.) Harrison's Dream-Peter Graham 5.) Spartacus-Phantom Regiment 2008
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    Fantasy Basketball?

    sign me up
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    The Chicago Cubs

    and yet they're still the number 2 baseball team in chicago! Stings doesn't it?
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    What Musical is your school doing?

    Warren Township will be doing School of Rock this Spring.
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    Dan Balash


    So over the weekend, our leader emeritus ILmarching got married. Congratulations to him and the new Mrs. ILmarching!!
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    Mark Buehrle, Perfect Game

    I don't know, but the White Sox picked up the pitcher the Cubs spent all off-season trying to get. :-D
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    Dan Balash

    What Musical is your school doing?

    Marian: "Grease."
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    Other Music

    "I AM SPARTACUS" Woooo Phantom!
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    Fantasy Basketball?

    OKay. I just realized there is alot of football games tomorrow. So it would be moved to sat. BUT there is a competition. SO Sunday it is. Sunday at around 3 pm since church will be over by then. Okay?