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    Mark Buehrle, Perfect Game

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    Dan Balash

    What Musical is your school doing?

    Waubonsie Valley-West Side Story.
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    Ur aim bot doesn't know what a marching band is...I see that is a flaw. HAHA. halod2freak (7:56:58 PM): What is your favorite band ILMarchingBOT (7:56:59 PM): My favorite group is No Doubt. halod2freak (7:57:05 PM): No Doubt isn't a marching band ILMarchingBOT (7:57:05 PM): What is a marching band? halod2freak (7:57:12 PM): You should know... ILMarchingBOT (7:57:13 PM): Why? I don't know everything.... LOL
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    lmao. that just made my day. I think he was drunk.
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    Fantasy Basketball?

    Well. The latest on sunday is 3:45. Sorry. As for the draft thing. It will just have someone with a bye one week
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    Dan Balash

    Fantasy Basketball?

    So we need one more team, otherwise we won't be able to draft. So come on!! Sign up!! It'll be fun!!
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    Fantasy Basketball?

    The Latest time on sunday is 3:45. is that okay SIR i found out i could change it
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    Fantasy Basketball?

    Let me know when it starts....I'm In..
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    Travis Bickle

    The Chicago Cubs

    Woops, got that one wrong. Sorry about that. Hopefully my brother didn't shoot himself....... There's always next year Cub fans
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    Book Recommendations?

    I most definitely would reccomend "The Freedom Writer's Diary" it was made into a motion picture.....which is GREAT!!!! but the book is truly AMAZING also!! I am going to read "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" and I'll tell every1 what I think of it!!!!
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    Fantasy Basketball?

    MY First Game Tonight.... This should be Good...
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    Fantasy Basketball?

    NVM i cant change it anymore