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    Salem Community High School did Guys and Dolls this year.
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    Im registered. The Green Phantoms!! I sadly don't know as much about NBA as much as...every other sport. I like college bball more. But o well...should be fun!!
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    Hello, My name is John Donovan. I have been teaching in the marching music world for coming up on 20 years. I am writing drill for two bands this fall and I have a few spots left to add additional groups for design. I am also available for visual tech assistance for summer camps during June and July. I have videos available to show previous designs. My previous drill design includes Kewanee High School from 2013 to current, TF South 2016 to current, and for the Racine Scouts in 2011. Please E-mail me at burnscity@gmail.com for questions, discussing options. John Donovan
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    Monticello: September 16th Robinson: October 7th Grayslake North: September 10th
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    Morris Community High School Marching Band is seeking a front ensemble instructor for the 2017 fall marching band season. An ideal candidate would have a strong background in the marching activity and be able to connect with a young group of students. Drum corps marching experience is also preferred but not required. Proficient keyboard/concert percussion skills are necessary. The commitment includes regular instruction at evening rehearsals, band camps (1 week in June & 2 weeks in August), and contests. Rehearsals are Monday/Wednesday evenings from 6:00-9:00 at Morris High School in Morris, IL. We are entering our 5th season as a competitive marching band, and have seen steady growth over the last three years. For more information, contact Jeff Muraida at jmuraida@morrishs.org
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    hey everyone i wanted to make this topic to discuss the major things in music that have been happening lately. what's your favorite band? favorite album? favorite song? and just some conversation starters what do you think of the new AC/DC album Black Ice? new Metallica album Death Magnetic? new Killers album due to come out in November? Pretty much whatever about non-marching/concert band music. (not that i don't enjoy marching/concert band stuff)
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    Grayslake North scores: Recap attached: Class A: 58.625 - Lakes Community (Percussion, Auxiliary) 53.750 - South Milwaukee, WI (DM) 51.375 - Marengo 49.625 - Round Lake Class AA: 62.000 - Dwight D. Eisenhower (Percussion, Auxiliary) 58.750 - Waukegan 55.250 - Richmond-Burton 53.250 - Antioch 51.625 - Grant Community (DM) Class AAA: 60.375 - Rolling Meadows (Percussion, Auxiliary, DM) 57.000 - Grayslake Central Grayslake North Recap.xlsx
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    Lake Park Lancer Joust FINALS scores: Recaps attached. 75.55 - Prospect (Music, GE) 71.75 - Victor J. Andrew (Visual) 69.70 - Lockport Township 69.45 - John Hersey 68.15 - Greendale, WI 63.75 - Plainfield North 61.30 - Downers Grove South 59.85 - Naperville Central 59.75 - Batavia 59.65 - Lemont Lake Park PRELIMS scores: Class A: 54.15 - H.D. Jacobs (Music, Visual, GE, Percussion, Auxiliary) 46.20 - Herscher Class AA: 59.15 - Naperville Central (Visual, GE, Percussion) 58.05 - Lemont 57.15 - Wheeling (Music, Auxiliary) 54.90 - Elk Grove Class AAA: 73.70 - Prospect (Music, Visual, GE) 70.50 - Victor J. Andrew (Percussion) 68.25 - John Hersey 67.80 - Lockport Township 67.30 - Greendale, WI (Auxiliary) 64.50 - Plainfield North 62.40 - Downers Grove South 59.35 - Batavia 2016 Joust Finals Scores.pdf 2016 Joust Prelim Results.pdf
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    Lemont High School Marching Band is seeking several Marching Field Staff Instructors for the 2016 fall marching band season. An ideal candidate would have a strong background in the competitive marching activity. Drum corps or WGI marching experience is preferred but not required. Proficient playing ability on a Woodwind or Brass instrument is required. The commitment includes regular instruction at evening and weekend rehearsals, summer rehearsal dates, band camps (1 week in June & 1 week in July), and Saturday contests. Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings from 6:00-9:30 at Lemont High School in Lemont, IL. Full calendar is available at lemontband.org For more information, please see the attached flyer and/or contact Dave Nommensen at dnommensen@lhs210.net Marching band instructional staff.pdf
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    Lemont High School Marching Band is seeking an Assistant Percussion Instructor for the 2016 fall marching band season. An ideal candidate would have a strong background in the marching activity (including possible previous Front Ensemble Instruction Experience). Drum corps marching experience is also preferred but not required. Proficient keyboard/concert percussion skills necessary. The commitment includes regular instruction at evening and weekend rehearsals, summer rehearsal dates, band camps (1 week in June & 1 week in July), and contests. Rehearsals are Monday/Wednesday evenings from 6:00-9:00 at Lemont High School in Lemont, IL. Full calendar is available at lemontband.org For more information, please see the attached flyer and/or contact Dave Nommensen at dnommensen@lhs210.net Assistant Percussion Instructor.pdf
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    http://www.showdesignsbydavid.com Hello! My name is David Parsons and I'm a Visual Designer/Instructor from East Central Illinois. I am currently looking to fill several openings in my Design Client list. I am also available as a Marching Tech or Visual Caption Head in the Illinois, Indiana and Western Ohio area. Being a musician first, my designs are always a visual representative of the music. While designing, I pay great attention to the musical structure. Phrasing, flow, original intent, personal interpretation, what the music makes you feel; are things that should be the foundation of any show design. This is where my musical background and experience plays a large role. My instructional skills are sound yet flexible. Here is where adjusting and adapting matters the most. When working with an ensemble, I not only consider myself as an instructor, I consider myself a troubleshooter. Continually analyzing the ensemble; seeing it’s strengths and deficiencies then making adjustments and developing teaching techniques to make the best come out. Any good instructor should always do this, though still have the knowledge to implement traditional teaching styles. For more detailed information, please visit my website located at http://www.showdesignsbydavid.com. There you will find links to my Resume as well as other information about what I have to offer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time. You can contact me through the information provided in the website which is listed above, or by Email at david@showdesignsbydavid.com I am a versatile instructor/designer with 23 years experience in Show Conceptualization for Marching Band, Winter Percussion and Winter Guard ensembles. I design and teach not only the staging or drill for all marching activities, I also teach movement basics and design/teach any movement skills used by the instrumental ensembles. If you believe I can be of assistance to your ensemble, please let me know. Sincerely, David A. Parsons Marching Arts Visual Design and Instruction http://www.showdesignsbydavid.com http://www.youtube.com/DrillDesigns https://twitter.com/D3VisualDesigns
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    McKendree Preview of Champions recap: Scores attached. Class 1A: 1) 61.40 - Northwest, MO (Music, Visual, GE, Percussion, Color Guard) 2) 50.85 - Orchard Farm, MO Class 2A: 74.75 Murphysboro (Music, Visual, GE) 68.45 Mater Dei (Percussion, Color Guard) 66.45 DeSoto, MO 58.35 Casey-Westfield Class 3A: 66.25 St. Francis Borgia Regional, MO (Music, Visual, GE, Percussion) 57.25 Freeburg Community (Color Guard) 55.50 McCluer North, MO 52.70 Mt. Vernon Class 4A: 80.55 Collinsville (Music, Visual, GE, Percussion, Color Guard) 77.50 Mehlville, MO 75.90 Waterloo 74.15 Marion Class 5A: 77.75 Triad (Music, Visual) 76.45 Carbondale (GE, Percussion, Color Guard) 68.25 Richland County Class 6A: 81.65 Granite City (Visual, GE, Percussion) 80.95 Seckman, MO (Music, Color Guard) 75.90 Parkway North, MO Class 7A: 89.85 O'Fallon Township (Music, Visual, GE, Color Guard) 87.10 Belleville East (Percussion) 82.75 Rolla, MO McKendree2015Recap.xlsx
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    William Howard Taft High School in Chicago is seeking instructors for the front line and battery for this marching season. We rehearse Monday and Thursday evenings 4:00 -7:30 and have 3 Saturday Shows this season on 9/19, 10/3 & 10/24. I'm looking for people to help build our program, we have only been competing for 2 years now. Interested individuals should email me.
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    Normal West (at Illinois Wesleyan): September 26th
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    7:45 p.m. - Class Exhibition: Adair County H.S., KY 8:00 p.m. - Flower Mound H.S., TX 8:15 p.m. - Wando H.S., SC 8:30 p.m. - Kennesaw Mountain H.S., GA 8:45 p.m. - Homestead H.S., IN 9:00 p.m. - Tarpon Springs H.S., FL 9:15 p.m. - Avon H.S., IN 9:30 p.m. - Carmel H.S., IN 9:45 p.m. - Union H.S., OK 10:00 p.m. - Marian Catholic H.S., IL 10:15 p.m. - Broken Arrow H.S., OK 10:30 p.m. - Lawrence Township H.S., IN 10:45 p.m. - William Mason H.S., OH
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    Seeing as how I've been wrong so much this year, what's a few more times? St. George: 86.80 American Fork 84.90 Clovis West 84.00 Westlake 82.80 Birdville 81.70 La Cueva 80.90 Sky View 79.80 Foothill 78.85 Arbor View 77.90 Mead 76.60 Damonte Ranch Music: American Fork Visual: American Fork GE: American Fork Atlanta, GA: 94.00 Tarpon Springs 91.15 William Mason 90.60 Blue Springs 90.00 Harrison 88.90 Wando 87.80 Dobyns-Bennett 85.90 Park Vista 85.00 Father Ryan 83.80 Lafayette 83.00 Nation Ford 81.90 Walton 81.75 Dripping Springs Music: Tarpon Springs Visual: Tarpon Springs GE: Tarpon Springs San Antonio: 93.05 Hebron 92.80 Claudia Taylor Johnson 92.00 James Bowie 91.45 The Woodlands 91.00 Leander 90.60 Marcus 90.00 Flower Mound 88.90 Vandegrift 88.65 Ronald Reagan 86.80 Round Rock 86.50 L.D. Bell 84.90 Spring 84.45 Cedar Park 83.70 Westlake Music: Hebron Visual: Claudia Taylor Johnson GE: Hebron
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    Another marching band season has come and gone in our great state. Bands across the state continue to make great strides and continue to improve year in and year out. We had a lot of great shows this year, and bands in this state continued to impress both in state and at BOA events. We are excited to see what the future holds for marching band in the state of Illinois. Let me share some nerdy statistics with you: From August 1-November 24 (what we consider our marching season), we had 40, 961 unique visits to the site, resulting in 146,188 visits and amassing 823,162 page views. Compared to last year, the visits were up 7.9%, the unique visitors were up 8.5%, and the pageviews were down slightly by .18%. From January 1, 2013-December 26, 2013: we had 54,383 unique visits to the site, resulting in 186,345 visits and amassing 997,685 page views. It’s quite obvious that about 75% of our page views come during the marching band season. Our social media is doing well. We nearly doubled the amount of likes on our Facebook fan page this year, surpassing 1,600, and the Twitter feed continues to do well. We can’t begin to express how thankful we are to all our members. It is because of all of you that we work so hard on this website, and continue to try and make it better. Now, what’s next? We’ve compiled 3 years of results from the Illinois Marching Online survey. Thank you to all who have taken that over the years. With your suggestions, we plan on completely overhauling the website. You may have seen a preview of a prototype from the last offseason. We have hopes that we can compile all of your suggestions and complaints into one cohesive pile that we can use towards building a much better website for everyone. If you see the website down in the coming months, don’t panic. We’re rebuilding to make it better for you. As I traditionally do, I would like to thank some folks. Thank you to our sponsors, Fitzpatrick Music, HuddleTrip and Voxitatis for continuing to sponsor the site. It is much appreciated. Thank you also to all of the directors and band boosters that send us information about festivals. Thank you to the staff of the site, who keep me from going crazy with data entry and keeping up with the site. Finally, and most importantly, thank YOU for continuing to use the site. We wouldn’t be here if you guys didn’t enjoy the site. It is a great feeling when the staff is out at marching band competitions and we get recognized and complimented by staff members, directors, and even parents for what we do. Here’s to a great 2014. -The Illinois Marching Online staff
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    In October, we started a survey with 10 questions about the future of the site and things you, the user, like about the site and didn't like about the site. Thanks to the 117 (!) people that responded, we have nailed down some very good ideas about where we're going to take the site next with additions that will be happening. Here's some of the top responses that we received, and our responses: In process. Mark has built an awesome video page that will be revealed shortly, and we've been working on adding YouTube videos to it. We're working on a document that will be posted in a prominent place on the site that tries to explain what each judge working music, visual, and general effect look for. Also in the plans is a slight change to each festival's page that will explain how the classifications are determined (band size/school size) and what each class breakdown is. There will be another document posted (borrowed from various places) that will explain what the audience's role is watching the shows. This probably won't be happening, unless we develop a good relationship with a number of directors/judges who don't mind letting the general public hear what is being said about their bands. Plus, I only get so much bandwith from our website hosts, and I don't want to tank it on that. We know. However, we can only move as fast as the scores are sent to us on the forums, the score submission page, Facebook, Twitter, email, phone messages, and the like. It can take as little as right after the show is over to get scores (I got a director's recap from Stagg as I was heading out-thanks Bob!, and Lake Park is great at getting scores/recaps posted immediately.), or it can take a couple of days. Based on your complaints, we're changing that. More information to come on this. True. However, when you have 200+ bands in the database, this tends to be a problem. Missing directors, broken links, no pictures. Please send in your information to us by emailing us or using one of the submission pages, and we'll get the pages updated almost immediately. Also, this is part of the reason we'll be looking for more staff. More on this to come in the next few weeks/months.
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    We're looking for a few more voters! If interested, email me at balash@ilmarching.com Directors/Staff: If you have already emailed me, you are in the database of voters, and will be emailed either today or tomorrow with instructions on how to vote.
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    Dan, I know that I personally appreciate the work that you and your staff and other contributors do to provide scores and recaps of many competitions so quickly. In many cases, scores are up the same night, otherwise we need to wait a "whole" day or two at most. I can't imagine what people are expecting, since you're a small, unpaid staff doing this on your own time. I guess in this world of instant gratification and with the speed of collaboration technologies, people's expectations are unreasonably high. Regardless, keep up the good work!
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    Thank you to the 25 (!) people who have already taken our survey. Your responses are much appreciated, and some of the responses have already been taken under advisement, and instituted into the site, including printer friendly schedules. Please keep sending in your surveys, as we have already received some great ideas!
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    Let's test you... Plymouth-Canton Educational Park 1995 Westerville South 1995 Northrop 1993 George Rogers Clark 1991 Leander 1999
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    LWN penalty might of been on the time they took. I watched both of their performances from the stands and they took rather a long time to set up their tarps and everything, with the wind blowing as well it took a while. In prelims I dont think it was a big deal, but in Finals they wanted to keep things movin quickly so it could end on time. Thats the only reason I can think of. Anyways I was really impressed by LWN it was the first time I had ever seen them perform and their show was really interestin and pretty fun to watch. I didnt really understand what it was about though, but hte music sounded good. The annoucer at BOA jsut said "Music of Don Hill"
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    The annual benefit concert i host for the Children's Hospital of Illinois is coming up. June 26th at 5:30 PM. The Warehouse Music Venue in Morton, Illinois. 401 W. Edgewood Ct. $10, all money goes to the hospital. All bands are similar in style, kind of an indie-pop feel. Totally worth the trip for any of you guys. I'd appreciate the help from any of you guys. Tell all of your friends. HIGHLAND FALL (Jefferson City, Missouri) www.myspace.com/highland fall DANGER IS MY MIDDLE NAME (Chicago, Illinois) www.myspace.com/dimmn STATE AND MADISON (Chicago, Illinois) www.myspace.com/stateandmadison SAME AS SUNDAY (Indianapolis, Indiana) www.myspace.com/sameasssunday OLYMPIANS (Indianapolis, Indiana) www.myspace.com/weareolympians TIGER! TIGER! (Brighton, Michigan) www.myspace.com/tigertiger ARCADE ACROSS THE ROOM (Morton, Illinois) www.myspace.com/arcadeacrosstheroom oh yeah, and olympians have a trumpet player. haha
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    It's kind of a moot point. Although I have a real concern about these organizations profiting from the hard work of arrangers, designers, directors and students, none of the them is awash in cash from the sale of CDs and DVDs. And that concern extends back to the original composers and publishers of the work. As a former union musician (AF of M Local 90!) I'm all about artists getting paid... even if it's a trifle.
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    So are video rights a part of the BOA / WGI contest agreement these days? I've wondered what would happen if a top group / designer said "No, Mr. WGI / BOA / DCI admin person, this is my show, and you may not record it." I'd love to see a group on the field with someone holding a sign that said "Please videotape this show."
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    That's because there isn't one. hahaha. lolerskates!
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    I love intelligent discussion like this. This might get a bit long, so I apologize in advance. The following pertains to marching band. DCI is a completely different monster when it comes to this, and they've got it right. They offer video and audio downloads from 1974-present. First, videos. I kind of agree with the way Mr. Video takes down any BOA video. They're in the business to make a profit, and videos from the past 4 years are completely available for purchase. The prices are still ludicrous, however. In addition, I've been told that BOA/Mr. Video has a copyright lawyer that comes in a couple of times a week and just puts claims in to YouTube. Also, if you purchase the Bands of America Fan Network (only $19, now through July 31st) (located here: http://www.thefannetwork.org/index.cfm?network_id=2), they have 2006 and 2007 Grand Nationals Finals Video on Demand, and all of 2008-every single event that was competed in. Also, BOA has some regional videos still around from various years, from 1998-2004. Prices vary here, but they're all under 25 bucks. Now, I get to my favorite part, the audio aspect of marching band. This is an area in which Mr. Video/800 Video Express/whoever has seriously been lacking since about 2004. These companies used to manufacture cd's of the bands that were in finals-but as interest dwindled, they stopped making them. I would love for these companies to make a cd, but it won't happen. A few of my friends have gotten pretty good at ripping mp3s from videos, and that's how I've gained a lot of mp3s over the years. There are/were a few places to buy/watch videos. Skramp's NewPlace used to be around, until he shut it down because there were fears that his site could have killed BOA. BOA, DCI, and WGI all have Fan Networks, where you can purchase a subscription, and watch as many videos as you like. (In DCI's case, you can buy all DCI World Class Finals performances-video and audio-dating back to 1974.) Now, on to me. I currently have a little bit over 1,500 marching band mp3s on my computer. I also have access to the DCI Fan Network, and I can get BOA finals videos from any year. Also, if you're ingenious like me, you know how to rip videos off of YouTube. Also, I probably share a bit more than I should, but that's life. People need to hear some of these shows. This is why I'm not a big fan of "Your Favorite Marching Band Show" threads on the BOA Forums or any of the state sites I visit. It pains me to read Ronald Reagan 2005, L.D. Bell 2006 and 2007, Lassiter 1998, over and over and over again. I really wish BOA would get the Fan Network to where it should be-Grand Nationals Finals videos from every year, so people could watch Westerville South 1994 and 1996, PCEP 1999, Jackson Academy 1993 (beat Duncanville, TX-a band 15 times its' size). There are so many great marching band shows that people need to see and hear. One thing about this thread-if you want to keep me happy (and you do,) you won't post any links to videos. Also, uber_panda, check your PM's.
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    Well. The latest on sunday is 3:45. Sorry. As for the draft thing. It will just have someone with a bye one week
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    alright cool i'm in. good luck, looking forward to this.
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    When I was little I went to a few sox games cause my mom got free tickets for them from her company. People were always drunk at the sox games... I think you guys got it back wards. People go to sox games get drunk and then throw there bear cups at innocent fans =[
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    Yeah you're a tight group of fans that can't even fill up your ballpark game in and game out. And the whole Cubs fans only go to games to drink is ridiculous. It's too expensive to get drunk there now!
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    Instructions to Join Go to this website: http://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba OR Go to Yahoo.com and Look up Yahoo Fantasy Basketball NEXT Click SIGN UP. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A YAHOO EMAIL ADDRESS YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP AND MAKE ONE. ITS QUICK AND SIMPLE. NEXT LOG IN AND JOIN A LEAGUE BY GOING BACK TO THE FANTASY BASKETBALL HOME PAGE. OUR LEAGUE NAME IS: ILMarching Password is: marchingband And you should get in! THE DRAFT IS SCHEDULED FOR OCTORBER 24th @ 7:15 PM - IF ALOT OF YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS IT MAY CHANGE. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PM ME PLEASE! My aim is AzNKMA
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    It's okay, we are a tighter knit group of fans, and we are actually baseball fans, not people who want an excuse to drink in the afternoon... and, again, we have a world series title in the last century...
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    ah Yes, I am quite dissapointed. I guess we can look forward to the Bears... Possibly. But thats a topic for a later time.