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    Downloading shows

    Yeah and I'd like to see Lawrence Central's show from 08. From what I've seen in the clips it looks really good
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    Basketball Tournament Pick-Em

    Um... when I go to the yahoo link it just says i am not a member of this group. How can I get to join?
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    Book Recommendations?

    Ferenheit 451 is a good one if you haven't read it already. Anything by Chuck Palahniuk is good as well.
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    Travis Bickle

    Other Music

    Anybody else listen to The Hold Steady? they rock TV On The Radio is also a very good new band, very intresting stuff there. Best band out there though is probably Radiohead. There stuff is some of the coolest, far our stuff I've listened to. Then again, I have been know to listen to John Mayer..lol
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    Travis Bickle

    Fantasy Basketball?

    usually i play against a whole bunch of Bears fans who draft Rex Grossman, Brandon Lloyd and every Bear they can grab, so it's usually easy. I could use a challenge!
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    Blackhawks sign Hossa

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    What Musical is your school doing?

    Morton: Thoroughly Modern Millie.
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    Fantasy Basketball?

    MY First Game Tonight.... This should be Good...
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    Dan Balash

    Fantasy Basketball?

    Can we do it Sunday night? I might have work until who knows when Sunday morning.