SIU Music & Motion: Carbondale, IL - October 17, 2015

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Grand Champion: Dunlap

Field C/D:

84.700 (Marching, Music, Percussion, Auxiliary)

78.800 Vandalia (DM)

76.650 Johnston City

75.900 Sparta

75.850 Anna-Jonesboro

75.700 Kelly, MO

Field B:

86.350 Northwest, MO (Music, Percussion, Auxiliary)

84.350 DeSoto, MO (Marching, DM)

77.100 Carterville

75.850 Massac County

Field 1A:

87.800 Mehlville, MO (Marching, Music)

87.650 Carbondale (Auxiliary)

86.500 McCracken County, KY (DM, Percussion)

86.300 Marion

Field 2A:

91.050 Dunlap (Music, Marching, Percussion, Auxiliary)

84.800 Belleville West (DM)

Contact Information:

Dr. George Brozak
Festival Website



Music & Motion 2015 will take place on Saturday, October 17 in the new Saluki Stadium.

We will employ a traditional 9-member judging panel, with awards in each class (including percussion, drum major and color guard). Each band will also receive a beautiful, custom-made participation award. Classes will be determined by band size.

For those of you who wish to promote a non-competitive philosophy, we are pleased to help. Our “Festival Class” will provide feedback on your performance with positive, encouraging comments to the members of your band.

Blank Score Sheet

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Festival Address: 1255 Lincoln Drive, Carbondale, IL 62901

Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

Class C/D
10:00 AM: Vandalia
10:15 AM: Johnston City
10:30 AM: Sparta
10:45 AM: Anna-Jonesboro
11:00 AM:
11:15 AM: Kelly, MO

Class B
11:30 AM: Northwest, MO
11:45 AM: Carterville
12:00 PM: DeSoto, MO
12:15 PM: Massac County

Class 1A
12:30 PM: Mehlville, MO
12:45 PM: Marion
1:00 PM: McCracken County, KY
1:15 PM: Carbondale

Class 2A
1:30 PM: Belleville East
1:45 PM: Dunlap

2:00 PM: SIU Marching Salukis

2:15 PM: Awards

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