Newton Marching Eagles Band Classic: Newton, IL - October 10, 2015

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Grand Champion: Champaign Centennial

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Field 1A:

428.000 Bement (DM)

426.000 Okaw Valley (Music)

423.500 Oblong (Percussion, Auxiliary)

420.500 Blue Ridge

Field 2A:

519.000 Mt. Carmel (DM, Percussion)

514.000 Arthur-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond (Music)

482.000 Casey-Westfield

474.000 Robinson (Auxiliary)

Georgetown-Ridge Farm

Field 3A:

547.500 Monticello (Music, DM)

520.500 Effingham (Percussion, Auxiliary)

509.500 Salem

500.000 Richland County

480.500 Taylorville

Field 4A:

572.000 Champaign Centennial (Music, DM, Percussion)

557.500 Carbondale (Auxiliary)

Contact Information:

Joyce Reis
Festival Website



The Newton Marching Classic is a morning/early afternoon competition, which also allows the opportunity for bands to attend the Robinson Marching Invitational. We will accommodate your schedule so that your band can compete at both shows. Bands will be classified based on school size.

Blank Score Sheet

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Festival Address: 201 W. End Ave. Newton, IL 62448

Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

Class 1A
9:15 AM: Okaw Valley
9:30 AM: Blue Ridge
9:45 AM: Bement
10:00 AM: Oblong

10:15 AM: Break

Class 2A
10:30 AM: Casey-Westfield
10:45 AM: Georgetown-Ridge Farm
11:00 AM: Mt. Carmel
11:15 AM: Arthur-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond

11:30 AM: Break

Class 3A
12:15 PM: Effingham
12:30 PM: Monticello
12:45 PM: Taylorville
1:00 PM: Salem
1:15 PM: Richland County

Class 2A
1:30 PM: Robinson

1:45 PM: Break

Class 4A
2:00 PM: Carbondale
2:15 PM: Champaign Centennial

2:30 PM: Future Color Guard
2:45 PM: Newton

3:00 PM: Awards

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