Downers Grove South Marching Mustang Music Bowl: Downers Grove, IL - October 24, 2015

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Grand Champion: Lake Park

Links: Finals Scoring Recap, Prelims Scoring Recap

Field 1A:

76.700 Eureka (Visual, GE)

75.250 Lincoln-Way West (Music, Color Guard)

67.600 Wheaton North (Percussion, DM)

65.400 Providence Catholic

62.000 Watseka Community

61.950 Mt. Zion

61.250 Grant Community

Field 2A:

82.550 Lincoln-Way Central (Music, Visual, GE)

78.350 United Township

76.150 A.A. Stagg

73.850 Alan B. Shepard (Percussion, Color Guard, DM)

67.900 Antioch

67.350 Rochelle Township

60.350 William Howard Taft

Field 3A:

88.100 Lake Park (Music, GE, Color Guard, DM)

86.450 Waukesha North, WI (Visual)

82.900 Batavia (Percussion)

78.700 Glenbrook South

77.200 Oswego

76.900 Plainfield East

71.050 DeKalb


88.000 Lake Park (Music, GE)

86.350 Waukesha North, WI (Visual)

82.650 Batavia

81.550 Lincoln-Way Central

80.150 Glenbrook South

78.350 United Township

77.650 Eureka

77.150 Oswego

76.700 Plainfield East

74.850 A.A. Stagg

Contact Information:

Craig Roselieb
Festival Website



2015 marks the 13th year of DGS Marching Mustang Music Bowl. Bands compete in three categories (A, AA, AAA) based on band size and the Bands of America scoring system will be utilized. First, second and third place awards will be presented in each class. In addition, the following caption awards will be presented in each class: Outstanding Music Performance, Outstanding Visual Performance, Outstanding General Effect, Outstanding Percussion, Outstanding Auxiliary, Outstanding Drum Major. Returning for 2015 will be a finals competition beginning at 7:00 pm for the top band in each class plus the next 7 highest scores regardless of class. Please register online at

Blank Score Sheet

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Judging Panel

Music Performance Individual: Kevin McNulty, Sr.
Music Performance Ensemble: Mark Ponzo
Visual Performance Individual: Andy Schmidt
Visual Performance Ensemble: Erica Bough
Music General Effect: Daniel Fairchild
Music General Effect: Timothy Yontz
Visual General Effect: Brent Turner
Color Guard: Don Wiles
Percussion: Kevin Lepper
Drum Major: Brayer Teague
Timing & Penalties: George Pierard

Festival Address: 1436 Norfolk, Downers Grove, IL 60516

Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

Class 1A
11:15 AM: Wheaton North
11:30 AM: Mt. Zion
11:45 AM: Lincoln-Way West
12:00 PM: Grant Community
12:15 PM: Providence Catholic
12:30 PM: Watseka Community

12:45 PM: Break

Class 2A
1:15 PM: United Township
1:30 PM: Rochelle Township
1:45 PM: Antioch
2:00 PM: Lincoln-Way Central
2:15 PM: William Howard Taft
2:30 PM: Alan B. Shepard
2:45 PM: A.A. Stagg

3:00 PM: Hoopeston Area

Class 3A
3:15 PM: Glenbrook South

Class 1A
3:30 PM: Eureka

Class 3A
3:45 PM: DeKalb
4:00 PM: Plainfield East
4:15 PM: Lake Park
4:30 PM: Oswego
4:45 PM: Batavia
5:00 PM: Waukesha North, WI

5:15 PM: Downers Grove South

5:30 PM: Awards

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