Mozingo Marching Percussion Competition: St. Charles, MO - September 06, 2008

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Grand Champion: O'Fallon Township

Field B:

77.670 Fort Zumwalt South, MO

77.000 Hazelwood West, MO

72.670 Granite City

71.670 Parkway Central, MO

71.330 Kirkwood, MO

67.330 St. Charles, MO

67.000 Hazelwood Central, MO

64.670 Warrenton, MO

63.330 Northwest, MO

Field 1A:

82.670 Parkway West, MO

82.000 Triad

77.000 Lee's Summit, MO

76.000 Camdenton, MO

75.330 Alton

73.670 Marquette, MO

72.500 Francis Howell, MO

70.170 Washington Community

67.670 Fort Zumwalt West, MO

67.330 McCluer North, MO

66.330 Effingham

66.170 Parkway North, MO

65.670 Lee's Summit West, MO

64.830 Troy Buchanan, MO

64.830 Lafayette, MO

63.670 Farmington, MO

63.000 Pattonville, MO

61.000 Glendale, MO

Field Open:

91.330 O'Fallon Township

88.830 Jefferson City, MO

87.170 Parkway South, MO

86.670 Rockwood Summit, MO

84.000 Lindbergh, MO

82.330 Collinsville

81.830 Dowling Catholic, MO

80.000 Francis Howell North, MO

79.330 Lee's Summit North, MO

76.670 Francis Howell Central, MO

76.000 Fort Zumwalt North, MO

75.670 Belleville East

Notes: Cymbals-- Rockwood Summit, MO
Front Ensemble-- Francis Howell North, MO
Bass line-- Marquette, MO
Tenors-- O'fallon
Snares-- O'fallon

Contact Information:

Jeremy Miller
Festival Website



Mozingo Drumline Festival Saint Charles, Missouri September 6, 2008 This is the 19th Annual Marching Percussion Competition. It will be held at Francis Howell High School in St. Louis. This show features ensemble and solo competition for percussionists. Full drumlines compete in divisions (defined by line experience) for placement and caption awards. Soloists compete for placement awards for each type of percussion instrument.

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Performance Schedule:

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Class B
9:00 AM: Hazelwood Central (MO)
9:15 AM: Kirkwood (MO)
9:30 AM: Granite City
9:45 AM: Warrenton (MO)
10:00 AM: Hazelwood West (MO)
10:15 AM: Parkway Central (MO)
10:30 AM: Northwest (MO)
10:45 AM: St. Charles (MO)
11:00 AM: Fort Zumwalt South (MO)

11:15 AM: Awards

Class 1A
11:30 AM: Farmington (MO)
11:45 AM: Lee's Summit (MO)
12:00 PM: Glendale (MO)
12:15 PM: Lee's Summit West (MO)
12:30 PM: Fort Zumwalt West (MO)
12:45 PM: Parkway West (MO)
1:00 PM: Pattonville (MO)
1:15 PM: Marquette (MO)
1:30 PM: Parkway North (MO)
2:30 PM: Troy Buchanan (MO)
2:45 PM: McCluer North (MO)
3:00 PM: Triad
3:15 PM: Oakville (MO)
3:30 PM: Washington Community
3:45 PM: Effingham
4:00 PM: Lafayette (MO)
4:15 PM: Camdenton (MO)
4:30 PM: Francis Howell (MO)
4:45 PM: Alton

5:00 PM: Awards

Class Open
5:15 PM: Lee's Summit North (MO)
5:30 PM: Belleville East
5:45 PM: Francis Howell North (MO)
6:00 PM: Rockwood Summit (MO)
6:15 PM: Fort Zumwalt North (MO)
6:30 PM: Parkway South (MO)
7:00 PM: Lindbergh (MO)
7:15 PM: Dowling Catholic (MO)
7:30 PM: Collinsville
7:45 PM: Francis Howell Central (MO)
8:00 PM: O'Fallon Township
8:15 PM: Jefferson City (MO)

8:30 PM: Awards