Tiger Ambush Classic: Edwardsville, IL - September 20, 2008

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Grand Champion: Belleville East

Field 1A:

61.210 Northwest, MO

59.750 Centralia (DM)

59.080 Salem (Auxiliary)

58.580 (Winds)

58.170 DeSoto, MO (Percussion)

51.000 Helias, MO

49.750 Hazelwood East, MO

46.920 Winfield, MO

Field 2A:

70.000 Waterloo (Winds, DM, Auxiliary)

63.170 Robinson (Percussion)

63.000 Timberland, MO

57.580 McCluer North, MO

Field 3A:

71.500 Mehlville, MO (Winds, Auxiliary)

70.080 Triad (Percussion)

68.000 Effingham (DM)

66.080 Granite City

58.420 Sullivan, MO

Field 4A:

75.830 Belleville East (Winds, DM, Percussion)

72.080 Alton (Auxiliary)

66.750 Hazelwood West, MO

65.250 Marion

57.250 Highland

Notes: Crowd Appeal: Salem

Contact Information:

Marvin Battle
Festival Website



The Tiger Ambush Classic is an afternoon/evening contest open to any band that applies. Bands are divided into three classes by band size and compete for awards in Outstanding Winds, Percussion, Auxiliary, Drum Major, and Grand Champion. Judging is based on sheets designed by the Mid-America Marching Consortium.

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Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

Class 1A
2:15 PM: Winfield
2:30 PM: Helias
2:45 PM: DeSoto
3:00 PM: Hazelwood East
3:15 PM: Centralia
3:30 PM: Salem
3:45 PM:

4:00 PM: Break

Class 2A
4:15 PM: Timberland
4:30 PM: Robinson
4:45 PM: McCluer North
5:00 PM: Northwest
5:15 PM: Waterloo

5:30 PM: Break

Class 3A
5:45 PM: Sullivan
6:00 PM: Granite City
6:15 PM: Mehlville
6:30 PM: Triad
6:45 PM: Effingham

7:00 PM: Break

Class 4A
7:15 PM: Marion
7:30 PM: Alton
7:45 PM: Hazelwood West
8:00 PM: Highland
8:15 PM: Belleville East

8:30 PM: Edwardsville

8:45 PM: Awards