Greater St. Louis Marching Band Festival: Belleville, IL - October 07, 2023

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Grand Champion: Edwardsville

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Field 1A:

65.550 Centralia

64.725 North Point, MO (Music, Percussion, Color Guard)

58.475 Murphysboro

57.650 DeSoto, MO

55.325 Anna-Jonesboro


Field 2A:

70.300 Wentzville Holt, MO (Music, Percussion, Color Guard)

62.825 Civic Memorial

62.775 Highland

62.438 Potosi, MO

60.688 Nashville Community

60.438 Carbondale

Field 3A:

76.150 Lafayette, MO (Music, Percussion, Color Guard)

68.400 Alton

67.125 Parkway South, MO

65.225 Wentzville Liberty, MO

64.438 Parkway Central, MO

59.875 Northwest, MO

Field 4A:

79.075 Edwardsville (Color Guard)

76.525 Collinsville (Music)

74.863 Fox, MO

73.150 Oakville, MO (Percussion)

73.063 Mascoutah

72.550 Granite City

Contact Information:

Mark Tessereau
Festival Website



The Greater St. Louis Marching Band Festival has a rich tradition dating back to its inception back in 1971. The nostalgia of the Blue, Red, Silver and Gold is returning. The Greater St. Louis Marching Band Festival (GSLMBF) will be held on October 7, 2023 on the campus of Belleville West High School in conjunction with the Belleville East and West Band Parents. The deadline for entry is September 15, 2023. The entry fee for this year's festival is $300. An early registration fee of $250 will be in effect if you get you register by July 1. Bands will be grouped by a combination of school size and band size. Bands will be evenly split once the entire field of bands has entered the festival. Band splits will be divided equally as specified below. Small School/ Small Band - Blue Division Small School/ Large Band - Red Division Large School/ Small Band - Silver Division Large School/ Large Band - Gold Division Awards will be given in each class for placement as well as best Music, General Effect, Visual, Auxiliary and Percussion. The Red and Blue Division Bands will perform in the morning/ afternoon with a separate awards ceremony. The Silver and Gold Division Bands will perform in later afternoon/ evening. Performance order will be determined by a random draw to be held approximately 2 weeks prior to the festival. If you have any questions, please email Mark Tessereau at

Blank Score Sheet

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Judging Panel

Music Ensemble Chuck Wright
Music General Effect: Stefan Roose
Visual Ensemble: TBA
Visual General Effect: Bryan White
Percussion: Chad Shaedler
Auxiliary: Stacy Roose

Festival Address: 4063 Frank Scott Pkwy W, Belleville, IL 62223

Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

1:00 PM: Belleville East

Class 1A
1:30 PM: Anna-Jonesboro
1:45 PM: Murphysboro
2:00 PM: DeSoto, MO
2:15 PM: Centralia
2:30 PM:
2:45 PM: North Point, MO

3:00 PM: Break

Class 2A
3:15 PM: Civic Memorial
3:30 PM: Wentzville Holt, MO
3:45 PM: Carbondale
4:00 PM: Highland
4:15 PM: Nashville Community
4:30 PM: Potosi, MO

4:45 PM: Belleville West

5:00 PM: Awards

Class 3A
6:00 PM: Lafayette, MO
6:15 PM: Parkway South, MO
6:30 PM: Wentzville Liberty, MO
6:45 PM: Northwest, MO
7:00 PM: Parkway Central, MO
7:15 PM: Alton

7:30 PM: Break

Class 4A
7:45 PM: Mascoutah
8:00 PM: Collinsville
8:15 PM: Oakville, MO
8:30 PM: Edwardsville
8:45 PM: Fox, MO
9:00 PM: Granite City

9:15 PM: District 201 Centennial Celebration Alumni Band

9:30 PM: Awards

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