Tiger Ambush Classic: Edwardsville, IL - September 16, 2023

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Grand Champion: O'Fallon Township

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Field 1A:

54.050 Mt. Carmel (Music. Visual, GE, Color Guard)

51.600 Salem (Percussion)

51.200 St. Charles West, MO

49.100 St. Charles, MO

46.350 Jacksonville

Field 2A:

57.400 Marquette, MO (Visual, Percussion, Color Guard)

56.300 Parkway West, MO (Music)

56.200 Parkway North, MO (GE)


Field 3A:

68.600 Timberland, MO (Music, Visual, GE, Percussion, Color Guard)

57.650 Mehlville, MO

52.950 Civic Memorial

51.750 Highland

48.450 Breese Central

Field 4A:

77.150 O'Fallon Township (Music, Visual, GE, Percussion)

69.900 Rockwood Sumnmit, MO

69.050 Belleville East (Color Guard)

62.400 Belleville West

Contact Information:

Ryan Lipscomb
Festival Website



The Tiger Ambush Classic is an afternoon/evening contest open to any band that applies. Bands are divided into four classes by band size and compete for awards in Outstanding Winds, Percussion, Color Guard, and Grand Champion. 1A/2A bands only compete against each other, and 3A/4A bands only compete against each other. 2 awards ceremonies are held and 2 grand champions are named. Judging is based on sheets designed by the Bands of America.

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Judging Panel

Music: Josh Ellis
Music: Marvin Battle
Music Effect: Miles Threlkeld
Visual: TBA
Visual GE: Keith Baker
Color Guard: Carrie Gentry
Percussion: Alan Barone

Festival Address: 6161 Center Grove Rd, Edwardsville, IL 62025

Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

Class 1A
2:15 PM: Jacksonville
2:30 PM: St. Charles, MO
2:45 PM: Mt. Carmel
3:00 PM: Salem
3:15 PM: St. Charles West, MO

Class 2A
3:30 PM:
3:45 PM: Parkway North, MO
4:00 PM: Marquette, MO
4:15 PM: Parkway West, MO

4:40 PM: Awards

Class 3A
6:30 PM: Highland
6:45 PM: Mehlville, MO
7:00 PM: Breese Central
7:15 PM: Civic Memorial
7:30 PM: Timberland, MO

Class 4A
7:45 PM: Belleville West
8:00 PM: Belleville East
8:15 PM: O'Fallon Township
8:30 PM: Rockwood Sumnmit, MO

8:45 PM: Edwardsville

9:10 PM: Awards

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