Washington Marching Panther Invitational: Washington, IL - September 10, 2022

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Grand Champion: Morton

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Field 1A:

52.400 Lincoln Community (Percussion, Auxiliary)

43.700 Rockford

42.300 Richwoods

Field 2A:

57.900 Watseka Community (Percussion, Auxiliary)

53.300 Hoopeston Area

48.400 El Paso-Gridley

48.100 Ridgeview

Field 3A:

68.800 East Peoria (Auxiliary)

68.700 Dunlap (Percussion)

61.300 United Township

61.100 Pekin Community

Field 4A:

65.100 Metamora (Percussion, Auxiliary)

62.600 Illinois Valley Central

61.300 Pontiac Township

Field 5A:

55.800 Kewanee (Percussion)

54.000 Tri-Valley (Auxiliary)

53.400 St. Joseph-Ogden

Field 6A:

73.900 Eureka (Percussion, Auxiliary)

61.200 University

55.900 Morris Community

Field 7A:

77.100 Galesburg (Percussion, Auxiliary)

71.000 Limestone Community

67.500 Champaign Central

Field 8A:

80.800 Morton (Percussion, Auxiliary)

78.100 Normal

Contact Information:

Jim Tallman
Festival Website



The 2022 Marching Panther Invitational is a high school field marching competition. Bands will be grouped into classes based on band size and school size. This will be an afternoon / evening event! Trophies and plaques will be given for outstanding Drum Majors, Color Guard, Drumlines and Bands in each class for the Parade and Field Competitions.

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Festival Address: 115 Bondurant, Washington, IL 61571

Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

Class 1A
1:02 PM: Lincoln Community
1:16 PM: Richwoods
1:30 PM: Rockford

Class 2A
1:44 PM: Watseka Community
1:58 PM: Ridgeview
2:12 PM: Hoopeston Area
2:26 PM: El Paso-Gridley

2:40 PM: Break

Class 3A
2:48 PM: East Peoria
3:02 PM: Pekin Community
3:16 PM: United Township
3:30 PM: Dunlap

Class 4A
3:44 PM: Pontiac Township
3:58 PM: Metamora
4:12 PM: Illinois Valley Central

4:30 PM: Awards

Class 5A
6:00 PM: Kewanee
6:14 PM: Tri-Valley
6:28 PM: St. Joseph-Ogden

Class 6A
6:44 PM: Morris Community
6:58 PM: University
7:12 PM: Eureka

7:26 PM: Break

Class 7A
7:32 PM: Limestone Community
7:46 PM: Champaign Central
8:00 PM: Galesburg

Class 8A
8:14 PM: Morton
8:28 PM: Normal

8:44 PM: Washington Community

9:00 PM: Awards

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