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 Marching Indians  Johnston City, IL

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Julie Maze
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Red and Black
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When the Seniors of Johnston City High School were Freshmen the Johnston City High School Marching Indians didn't know what competitive marching was. They didn't have a show, and they definitely didn't know you could march backwards or sideways. With luck in their hands, 2 years ago, the Johnston City High School Music Program was grateful to receive a brand new band director, Ms. Nicole Hodges, they learned their first show ever in 2006 and performed it at their home football games. Last year she put them in competitions and they did very well for their first time out with TWO 1st place trophies. They raised $10,000 for uniforms that year and are now out in-style. The new Director, Nicole Hodges, a former Drum Corps International Phantom Regiment member, writes their music and drill on her own, and tells the band that though they may be a band of 20 they have the talent to sound like a band of a million. The Marching Indians are becoming very successful and plan to keep up their competitive marching victories!