Effingham Marching Hearts Invitational: Effingham, IL - October 20, 2012

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Grand Champion: Edwardsville

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Field 1A:

60.43 Sangamon Valley (Music, Percussion)

54.13 Atwood-Hammond (DM)

52.10 Bement (Auxiliary)

48.72 Heritage

Field 2A:

57.78 Sullivan (Auxiliary)

57.48 Casey-Westfield (Music, Percussion, DM)

54.98 Georgetown-Ridge Farm

51.23 Carlyle

Field 3A:

75.90 Newton (Music, Percussion, Auxiliary)

73.85 Mater Dei

65.88 Carterville (DM)

62.83 Vandalia

60.08 Pinckneyville Community

46.10 Pana

Field 4A:

81.48 Murphysboro (Music, Percussion)

78.63 Salem (Auxiliary)

76.30 Paris Cooperative (DM)

73.45 Mt. Zion

72.63 Mt. Carmel

Field 5A:

84.85 Washington Community (Music, Percussion)

83.33 Highland (Auxiliary)

71.40 Mattoon (DM)

68.05 Centralia

Field 6A:

87.80 Edwardsville (Music, Percussion, Auxiliary)

79.53 Danville (DM)

78.08 Belleville West

Contact Information:

Brad Wallace
Festival Website



The Effingham Marching Hearts Invitational is an afternoon competition set to begin at 2:00pm, allowing bands to also attend the Newton Marching Eagles Band Classic which is a morning competition. For more information, email Brad Wallace at wallaceb@effingham.k12.il.us

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Judging Panel

Music 1: Allan Horney
Music 2: Dan Dietrich
Marching 1: David Boggs
Marching 2: Bernie Potter
General Effect: Jo Smith
Percusion: Peter Hussey
Drum Major:
Auxiliary: Dan Swallow

Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

Class 1A
1:00 PM: Heritage
1:15 PM: Sangamon Valley
1:30 PM: Atwood-Hammond
1:45 PM: Bement

Class 2A
2:00 PM: Georgetown-Ridge Farm
2:15 PM: Sullivan
2:30 PM: Casey-Westfield
2:45 PM: Carlyle

3:00 PM: Break

Class 3A
3:15 PM: Mater Dei
3:30 PM: Pana
3:45 PM: Newton
4:00 PM: Carterville
4:15 PM: Vandalia
4:30 PM: Pinckneyville Community

4:45 PM: Break

Class 4A
5:15 PM: Mt. Carmel
5:30 PM: Mt. Zion
5:45 PM: Murphysboro
6:00 PM: Paris Cooperative
6:15 PM: Salem

6:30 PM: Break

Class 5A
6:45 PM: Washington Community
7:00 PM: Mattoon
7:15 PM: Centralia
7:30 PM: Highland

7:45 PM: Break

Class 6A
8:00 PM: Belleville West
8:15 PM: Danville
8:30 PM: Edwardsville

8:45 PM: Effingham

9:00 PM: Awards

Festival Address - 1301 W. Grove, Effingham, IL 62401

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