Thornton Fractional South

 Marching Rebels  Lansing, IL

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2015 Show
"The Planets"

I. Saturn
II. Mars
III. Venus
IV. Mercury
V. Jupiter

Original music by Gustav Holst, arranged by Key Poulan

2015 Awards & Placements
A.A. Stagg Jamboree
6th Place in Class 2A Field
Chicagoland Marching Band Festival
7th Place in Class 2A Field
Red & Black Fall Classic
6th Place in Class 2A Field
Victor J. Andrew High School Marching Invitational
2nd Place in Class 1A Field
Illinois State Marching Band Championships
8th Place in Class 4A Field
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John Haney
School Colors
Red and Grey
2022 Enrollment n/a   IMO Division n/a
2021 Enrollment 1849   IMO Division 1

State of Illinois Invitational Marching Band Championship Finalists: 2003.