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Shows for 2008

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Well, they finished learning the drill this week, and have been cleaning as well. it's "wow"tacular.  I'm not sure if they will put the closer out on the field, or they may, since it would be a free run through. If they do, WOW! look out!  It will WOW you beyond Dairy Queen.  Show has a lot of wow and a lot of intense music.


I think they even spell "WOW" at the end.  :P


Did I mention WOW? 


ya, wow.

This is just my own interpretation of what you said, but you seem like you enjoy the show....

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Normal West's show is "Paris Sketches"

Need I say More??

Sure you could...like what music are they playing?

Lol, thats the song. Paris Sketches was originaly written for Wind Ensemble by Martin Elerby. Its performed in 4 movements.

1. Saint-German Des Pres (dark and slow, Paris at sunrise)

2. Pigalle (the city at rush hour, fast paced and hetic)

3. Pe're Lachase (slow and romantic, a girl is heartbroken at a cafe)

4. Les Halles (fast and bright, like 1950's hollywood)


But our director being as crazy as she is, added a little somthing extra to one of the movements. You'll have to see us at Morton or somewhere else to find out what it is. ^_^

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I heard Bloomingtons show. They have a strong low brass this year. And their drumline is sounding clean and loud. I think their are going to give Morton and UT a run for their money.

I saw Bloomington practice the other day... and WOW! I agree...Bloomington will continue to turn heads. WOW!

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What about drumlines this year? Who will be the drumlines to watch out for?


Like the folks that made the predictions for this week, most of what is known could probably be based on past results...but who knows until we see some bands.


Based on the past 5 years or so, Morton is probably the best in the area and tends to produce the most high level drumlines. They've been solid to amazing most years.


Next would be UT, as far as consistency, but it seems last year they dropped off a bit. But over the past 5 years, UT has churned out some pretty good lines.


Bloomington has gotten very good in the past 2 years, and have been impressive. If they can keep the improvement up, they can build something really special there.


IVC used to be good, but have dropped off.


Pontiac has had some good years as well, but seems off lately.


Those are the drumlines that have traditionally been pretty good in Central Illinois.


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Speaking as a UT band member


We look a lot stronger this year than we did last year.


Normal West looked pretty good at Morton, even without drill.

Thank you. Speaking as a member of Normal West we do alot better just playing than we do when we march and play. Though were getting a lot better, now that were almost done cleaning the drill its starting to come together.


I also like your bands music a lot better this year. Not that I did like it last year. Its that you guys play October so well and that in itself is difficult, but doing while marching is simply amazing. If anyone could come to ISU, this would be the year to do it!

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