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Dan Balash

The official 2008 DCI thread

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Wow you went all out on the predictions - I just meant for today's shows...but good for you Dan!  :)


If that's your final predictions come Aug.......here's mine:

whoops...sorry about that.


Predictions for tonight:


Precision West (edit: yay for exhibition!!)

1. SCV

2. BD

3. Mandarins


PR Show of Shows

1. Cavies

2. Carolina Crown

3. Phantom Regiment

4. Blue Stars

5. Colts

6. Madison Scouts


Glassmen All-Star Review

1. The Cadets

2. Bluecoats

3. Boston Crusaders

4. Glassmen

5. Troopers

6. Crossmen

7. Pioneer

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1. The Cavaliers (from what I've heard.....this may be the show...just a feeling)


2. The Cadets (if the do what they usually do...and shut up this year...will be contending)


3. Blue Devils (always a contender as much as I've disliked some of their shows, and terrible drill, guard always top notch however)


4. Phantom Regiment (I think they might be lucky to get top 4, I want them to do well, but I'm not feeling good about their chances with the show they're performing, I think if they make some changes through the season they may get top 4, the last 2 years might have been better than this one will end up...I hope I'm wrong)


5. Santa Clara Vanguard (top notch visual design...think the horn book will be a step up from last year)


(6 - 7 are a toss-up to me, but I'll give Carolina the edge)

6. Carolina Crown (looking to hear a strong horn line this year)

7. Bluecoats (horn book needs more depth than last year, haven't heard anything about this year)


(8-11 could be a toss up to some extent)

8. Blue Stars (some won't like the show, but I think they might surprise some people)

9. Blue Knights

10. Boston Crusaders

11. Colts


12. Glassmen (unless they bring their "A" game, 12th might be too high for them)

13. Madison Scouts (hope they are on track this year)

14. Spirit

15. The Academy

16. Crossmen

17. Pacific Crest

18. Troopers

19. Mandarins

20. Pioneer

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After last night - I'm liking my predictions..............except Madison...........I don't think this is a final's caliber show. I really did not enjoy it at all, and it wasn't performed the best. Phantom only 1 point behind Cavies.........could this be another 06? :)


Things will start to clear up when we get done with this 5 person judging panel.

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Go Phantom!

Trivia: Current Paxton director Tim Hess and former Danville director Chuck Hess both marched Phantom in the '80s. (Chuck was DM, not sure what year).

Any other Phantom alumns out there working in music ed in the area?

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Yeah. Phantom had a pretty amazing show. I think they deserved getting first.

It was one of those shows that seeing it on the dvd will never be as amazing as seeing it in person. But that's just my thoughts.

We had four or five Phantom vets on staff this summer at the corps I marched and seeing them get excited for it was pretty cool.

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