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Oblong Competition

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Raw Scores:


Class A

1) 138.9 Lawrenceville {music, visual, drum major, percussion, auxiliary}

2) 133.5 North Judson-San Pierre [iN] {showmanship}

3) 109.7 Arcola


Class AA

1) 136.1 Mattoon {all captions}


Class AAA *music score served as tie breaker*

1) 163.4 Newton {music, visual,}

2) 163.4 Robinson { drum major, showmanship, percussion}

3) 156.6 Carbondale

4) 151.8 Terre Haute South [iN] {auxiliary}


Field Show Champion {based on Judge #1 and Judge #2 combined scores} - Newton



Grand Champion Rankings {field show score + drum major score + percussion score + auxiliary score}


401.1 Robinson

388.3 Newton

386.4 Terre Haute South

378.5 Carbondale

364.9 Lawrenceville

343.7 Mattoon

334.9 North Judson-San Pierre

299.1 Arcola


Those were the Field scores sent to administration and posted in the 10/27 Results thread. They also included who were the best in all of the scoring categories and how things finally got added up.


These are the Parade rankings; there weren't any scores given out on here for these:


Parade (High School):

Class A-

1. St. Anthony (1st Perc., 2nd Aux., 1st DM)

2. Dieterich (2nd Perc., 1st Aux., 2nd DM)


Class AA-

1. Greenville (2nd Perc., 2nd Aux., 1st DM)

2. Mattoon (1st Perc., 1st Aux., 2nd DM)


Class AAA

1. Newton (1st Perc.-Tied, 1st Aux., 1st DM)

2. Robinson (1st Perc.-Tied, 2nd Aux., 3rd DM)

3. Carbondale (2nd Perc., 3rd Aux., 2nd DM)


Grand Champion (High School): Newton

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My personal take on the scoring: At first it seemed extremely confusing based on what I'm used to seeing, but in the end when I finally found out how it was done, it's just a different way to determine the Grand Champion, and it has some logic in it.


Hope this all helps.

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No, they had a Parade Grand Champion, and a separate Field Grand Champion. There was no trophy, I guess, for an Overall Grand Champion like at U of I. But if the same band wins both Field and Parade, then, in my opinion, it's easy to say who the grand champion is, unoficially of course.

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