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Dan Balash

DCI Show Announcements

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Thunder in Boise

Tuesday, July 31 2007

Boise, ID


1 The Cadets 94.300

2 Bluecoats 92.100

3 Santa Clara Vanguard 90.900

4 Blue Knights 88.650

5 Glassmen 84.500

6 Crossmen 80.450

7 Cascades 78.200

8 Troopers 77.450

9 Mandarins 75.800

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DCI West Texas-Lubbock, TX


Division I

1 Colts 84.150

2 Blue Stars 82.500

3 Spirit from JSU 81.450

4 Pacific Crest 78.700

5 Southwind 76.850

6 Pioneer 72.000


Performance rained out

Boston Crusaders

Carolina Crown

Madison Scouts

Phantom Regiment

The Cavaliers

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August 2nd scores:

Portland, OR:

1 The Cadets 94.850

2 Santa Clara Vanguard 91.700

3 Blue Knights 89.450

4 Glassmen 84.750

5 Crossmen 81.800

6 Cascades 80.350

7 Mandarins 77.150


Sacramento, CA

Division II

1 Spartans 90.100

2 Jersey Surf 89.550

3 Blue Devils B 86.600

4 Vanguard Cadets 83.750


Division III

1 Fever 82.600

2 Oregon Crusaders 77.400

3 Impulse 75.750

4 Spokane Thunder 72.100

5 Citations 71.300

6 Gold 68.700

7 Blue Devils C 52.300


1 The Yokohama Scouts 83.350


Drums Along the Rockies-Albuquerque Edition

1 Phantom Regiment 91.000

2 Blue Stars 83.950

3 Spirit from JSU 82.050

4 Madison Scouts 80.150

5 Pacific Crest 79.350

6 Pioneer 73.650


Battle on the Border-El Paso, TX

1 The Cavaliers 93.950

2 Carolina Crown 92.100

3 Boston Crusaders 86.900

4 Colts 83.800

5 Southwind 79.250

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August 3rd:

Sizzlin' Sounds of Summer-Modesto, CA

Division II

1 Jersey Surf 91.800

2 Spartans 90.900

3 Vanguard Cadets 86.400

Division III

1 Fever 85.600

2 Oregon Crusaders 80.350

3 Impulse 75.650

4 Spokane Thunder 73.800

5 Citations 73.350

6 Gold 70.000

All age corps

1 San Francisco Renegades 68.738


1 The Yokohama Scouts 84.000


Sounds Along the Colorado-Lake Havasu City, AZ

Division I

1 The Academy 84.250

Division II

1 Teal Sound 87.050

2 Raiders 83.600

Division III

1 Memphis Sound 88.000

2 Revolution 84.400

3 Dutch Boy 84.300

4 Velvet Knights 75.450

5 Mystikal 71.900

6 H.Y.P.E. 69.600

7 Racine Scouts 66.450

8 Spirit of Newark/New Jersey 64.450

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August 4th:

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona - DCI Desert Classic-Tempe, AZ

Division I

1 The Cavaliers 94.475

2 Phantom Regiment 93.775

3 Carolina Crown 92.725

4 Boston Crusaders 88.425

5 Colts 85.775

6 Spirit from JSU 83.550

7 The Academy 83.450

8 Blue Stars 83.425

9 Madison Scouts 81.275

10 Pacific Crest 79.750

11 Southwind 78.800

12 Pioneer 73.975


The Division II and III Championship Preview-Bakersfield, CA

Division III

1 Memphis Sound 86.475

2 Dutch Boy 82.825

3 Revolution 79.900

4 Oregon Crusaders 77.125

5 Spokane Thunder 73.025

6 Gold 72.925

7 Impulse 72.825

8 Velvet Knights 71.300

9 Mystikal 70.350


1 The Yokohama Scouts 86.850


DCI Stanford, CA


1. 95.125 - The Cadets

2. 94.825 - Blue Devils

3. 92.075 - Bluecoats

4. 90.675 - Santa Clara Vanguard

5. 88.625 - Blue Knights

6. 84.425 - Glassmen

7. 81.900 - Crossmen

8. 79.875 - Cascades

9. 79.850 - Troopers

10. 77.100 - Mandarins

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Finals in EVERY division this year is gonna be awesome. This really has been a great year for corps overall. Can't wait to get to Pasadena and see how it all ends up!


Will be interesting to see who actually gets that final 12th spot in Div 1 finals!



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August 5th: (last shows until Wednesday with D II/III Prelims)

Esperanza Experience-San Diego, CA

8 - 73.275 - Pioneer

7 - 79.875 - Pacific Crest

6 - 81.000 - Madison Scouts

5 - 83.300 - Blue Stars

4 - 83.800 - Spirit

3 - 85.325 - Colts

2 - 92.950 - Crown

1 - 93.275 - Phantom Regiment


The DCI Division II and III Championship Preview-Bakersfield, CA

Division II

1 Spartans 92.050

2 Jersey Surf 91.125

3 Teal Sound 87.500

4 Vanguard Cadets 87.250

5 Blue Devils B 86.650

6 Raiders 81.775

Division III

1 Fever 86.900

2 Citations 75.275

3 H.Y.P.E. 67.525

4 Racine Scouts 62.775

3 Spirit of Newark/New Jersey 60.150

5 Blue Devils C 60.125



Mid-Cal Tour of Champions-Clovis, CA

1 The Cadets 95.800

2 Blue Devils 95.775

3 Bluecoats 93.475

4 Blue Knights 90.125

5 Glassmen 86.750

6 Crossmen 83.175

7 Cascades 80.975

8 Troopers 80.600

9 Mandarins 77.975

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August 7th:

Division II and III prelims-Pasadena, CA

Division II

0 Jersey Surf 93.750

0 Spartans 93.700

0 Teal Sound 89.900

0 Blue Devils B 87.800

0 Vanguard Cadets 85.800

0 Raiders 80.075


Division III

0 Memphis Sound 90.975

0 Fever 88.025

0 Revolution 83.325

0 Dutch Boy 81.850

0 Oregon Crusaders 79.075

0 Impulse 78.225

0 Velvet Knights 75.975

0 Mystikal 75.525

0 Gold 74.225

0 Citations 74.025

0 Spokane Thunder 73.550

0 H.Y.P.E. 70.575

0 Racine Scouts 66.175

0 Spirit of Newark/New Jersey 64.150

0 Blue Devils C 62.400



0 The Yokohama Scouts 85.650

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DCI Division I Quarterfinals


Division I

1 Blue Devils 97.200

2 The Cavaliers 96.225

3 Phantom Regiment 94.600

4 The Cadets 94.500

5 Bluecoats 93.700

6 Carolina Crown 93.325

7 Santa Clara Vanguard 93.200

8 Blue Knights 90.200

9 Boston Crusaders 89.350

10 Glassmen 87.175

11 Colts 87.075

12 Spirit from JSU 85.925

13 The Academy 84.975

14 Blue Stars 84.200

15 Madison Scouts 82.500

16 Crossmen 82.425

17 Pacific Crest 80.750

18 Cascades 80.100

19 Southwind 77.950

20 Troopers 77.550

21 Mandarins 75.200

22 Pioneer 73.325


Cadets receive a (rumored) 2 point penalty for having the field relined.

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George Hopkins was everything BUT respectful. The way he bowed to the crowd and smiled to them as they were booing............complete cockyness.


There was a right way and wrong way to handle his completely valid complaint. He did it the absolute wrong way. Whether he was getting booed or not - he should have totally ignored the crowd - he was also VERY rude on the interview on the ground with the commentator. He is a 100% jerk and should be fired by YEA. He is anything but a class act - and while his argument held merit - and I agree the penalty should have been removed since it was a mistake by DCI - he should have been more mature and classy with the way he handled himself. Musicians look to members and staff of drum corps as idols and examples to follow if they are going to be in charge of competitive bands, and I for one, don't think his example is anything anyone should follow. His distorted view on what drum corps should be, mixed in with his horrible attitude do not allow for a healthy addition to the activity.

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Division I

1 Blue Devils 97.200

2 The Cadets 96.500

3 The Cavaliers 96.225

4 Phantom Regiment 94.600

5 Bluecoats 93.700


Ok, so for all intensive purposes, we're looking at a three horse race for first (between BD, Cadets, and Cavies). Based on the season thus far, I bet we'll see the top three in finals look pretty much the same way it looks in this lineup.


Regardless, Cavies and Phantom should be happy if they get 3rd and 4th. That's no small feat.

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Division II and III semifinals:


Division II

1 Spartans 95.975

2 Jersey Surf 95.650

3 Teal Sound 92.825

4 Blue Devils B 90.650

5 Vanguard Cadets 89.075

6 Raiders 84.900

Division III

1 Memphis Sound 91.525

2 Fever 89.825

3 Revolution 84.750

4 Dutch Boy 84.625

5 Oregon Crusaders 82.600

6 Impulse 79.025

7 Velvet Knights 75.325

8 Mystikal 74.950

9 Gold 74.175


1 The Yokohama Scouts 87.800

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Division I Semifinals

1st. 97.30 Blue Devils

2nd. 97.25 The Cadets

3rd. 96.775 Cavaliers

4th. 95.40 Phantom Regiment

5th. 94.05 Santa Clara Vanguard

6th. 93.875 Carolina Crown

7th. 93.75 Bluecoats

8th. 90.45 Blue Knights

9th. 89.45 Boston Crusaders

10th. 87.025 Glassmen

11th. 87.00 Colts

12th. 85.50 Spirit from J.S.U.

13th. 84.50 The Academy

14th. 84.35 Blue Stars

15th. 81.85 Madison Scouts

16th. 81.60 Crossmen

17th. 79.525 Pacific Crest

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Division I Finals


1st 98.0 Blue Devils

2nd 97.025 Cadets

3rd 96.35 Cavaliers

4th 94.85 Phantom Regiment

5th 94.175 SCV

6th 94.15 Carolina Crown

7th 94.05 Bluecoats

8th 90.275 Blue Knights

9th 89.1 Boston Crusaders

10 86.15 The Colts

11 85.75 Glassmen

12 84.5 Spirit of JSU


Congrats to all corps!




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Division II and III Finals

Division II

1 Spartans 96.150

2 Jersey Surf 95.700

3 Teal Sound 92.050

4 Blue Devils B 90.875

5 Vanguard Cadets 90.400

6 Raiders 84.400

Division III

1 Memphis Sound 90.550

2 Fever 90.450

3 Dutch Boy 84.425

4 Revolution 84.225

5 Oregon Crusaders 80.775

6 Impulse 78.850


1 The Yokohama Scouts 88.625

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What a great week of corps!!!


I really have to agree with the outcome in all divisions for the most part.


BD and Cadets really could have easily switch places...it really was close. I think the demand and execution in BD's show put them over the top. WHAT A HORNLINE...always excellent and last night was no exception!!


I probably would have put PR in front of Cavies. While Cavies have a huge demand on the performer for just the physical side of the visual, they were not quite as 'on' visually as it could have been. What a great year for them, though, considering how young the hornline was this season.


Colts represented the Midwest very well this year. Highest score for them, I believe or at least amoung one of the highest. They were very excited to pass up the Glassmen in Finals.


A part of me feels bad for The Academy...really great organization and a great corps. Better then Spirit and Glassmen, imho...just need to fix their guard situation, I guess and they could be a solid finalist next season.


Same goes for Div 2/3! Great performances and really close competition this year. Really exciting to see Dutch Boy in the top of the ranks again!


While I HATED the Rose Bowl for many reasons, it was a great trip. No sence in complaining about the venue and its people since we'll probably never be there again....well, at least for a really long time LOL




P.S. In regard to Hopkins and the hash marks...he was right on in the decision that he made. And once the facts were out, I supported him even more. If you are a Cadet fan or not...I think all would agree it was the right thing to do. On the other hand, the way he handled the crowd could have been viewed in may different ways. I seriously don't think he was trying to be disrespectful, but more making light of the "booing" situation. Push someones buttons and they push right back. Its really not a big deal.




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Myself and another old member of these forums ended up marching against each other once again.


There's too much to tackle here and all I have to say is that if you really, really want to know about the small details, march drum corps. It's a truly amazing experience. There is NOTHING AT ALL IN THE WORLD that can compare to the bond that drum corps creates.


LWMK '02-'06

Red Team '07-Forever


PS. The other guy I'm talking about graduated Prospect and marched Glassmen...I hope there's no hard feelings (if Dave ever checks this board anymore...God knows I barely do).

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I will say this...


Sitting in the stands, hearing and watching the cavies show... I was VERY dissapointed with their placement above not only Phantom, but SCV as well. Honestly, even crown should have passed them.


I have no ill will towards the Cavaliers, in fact, I personally had lunch with Jeff about 3 and a half months ago just before he and the corps came and performed for free at a camp I'm a counselor at. But honestly... with the exception of their entire Age Out Bass Drum Line... I was not impressed with the sound from the field.


Phantom on the other hand... Wow WAY TO GO!!! Finished behind Cadets and Devs where they belonged due to content, but performance wise, only second musically to Devils. Wow Seriously... I was very pleased to see the Regiment so strong.


Cadets... Musically, wow... but DCI IS NOT BOA Please don't give me show long commentary... The best part of their finals show (my third time seeing them that week) was the guy that yelled out SHUT UP AND PLAY MUSIC If they follow his advice, the drum corps fans will return... Until then... The Drum Corps Fans will stick with Cavies, Devs, and Regiment


SCV - Yeah, classic SCV. Bring back the 2004 show, starting earlier in the season, and they will wreck =)


Crown - Very fun show, Solid Drumline


Bluecoats - Awesome show, WAAAAYYYY Underperformed... VERY MAJOR flaws on the field in semis... they deserved the finals placement


As for the bottom of the top 12... sadly, i have to say I missed their shows all three nights... Being a caption head on a div III staff is a busy time.



As for div II/III

Jersey Serf got Screwed!!


Memphis Sound - Easy Show, very well performed... Just ask the Raiders, they blatenly admit this is how they won thier titles.


Raiders - they marched as many as Revolution did at 79, and were a blast to watch. Not to mention, after having housed with them multiple sites, amazing staff and awesome kids... Just ask them about the Trap Door


Pasadena Rose Bowl - HATED IT... WTF is with one entrance per seating section on only 1 level. I 3 of the first 5 finals performances to standing in line to get in the friggin stadium. I'm sorry,having mountains in the background isn't worth the cluster of getting in and out... if you go to get a drink mid show, expect to miss two corps...


I sincerely hope that after Indy, we don't do a Cali show ever again... Not because cali is a bad location, but 115 degree heat in AZ is BRUTAL... One of the ladies in a AZ gas station put it best in, I fee sorry for you kids in this Bit@hslapping heat... No words I can say will ever compare. Bakersfield was hot as ever...


Pasadena is great so cal is great, but all the roads leading there are nothing but terrible territory for all the midwest and east coast corps




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