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Apple Fest

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Just wanted to wish good luck to everyone participating in the Murphysboro Drums at Appletime Parade and Field Show competition this weekend. Here is the line up:


PARADE (11:00 AM Step Off)

1 EXHIBITION - Murphysboro

2 EXHIBITION - Murphysboro MS



3 Gallatin County

4 Trico

5 Egyptian

6 Cobden

7 Stelleville

8 Norris City-Omaha-Enfield

9 Massac County



10 Frankfort

11 Civic Memorial

12 Potosi

13 Pinckneyville

14 Waterloo



15 Granite City

16 East Chicago Central

17 Hazelwood East

18 Highland



19 Du Quoin MS

20 Carbondale MS

21 Massac JH

22 Sparta Lincoln MS

23 Pinckneyville JH



4:00 Johnston City (A)

4:15 Carlyle (A)

4:30 Sparta (A)

4:45 Carterville (A)

5:15 Vandalia (AA)

5:30 Potosi (AA)

5:45 Massac County (AA)

6:00 Pinckneyville (AA)

6:30 Carbondale (AAA)

6:45 Salem (AAA)

7:00 Centralia (AAA)

7:30 Granite City (AAAA)

7:45 Cape Central (AAAA)

8:00 Triad (AAAA)

8:15 Hazelwood East (AAAA)

8:30 Waterloo (AAA)


8:50 EXHIBITION - Murphysboro


9:05 Awards

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