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Some of you from Central Illinois bands don't seem to have a grasp on what appropriate posting on a forum like this one looks like. This board is NOT intended to puff yourself or your band up. You certainly can talk about things that you like/disklike about your show, respectfully do the same for another band's show, or just talk about band in general. One good example is the debate that's been going on recently about the weighting of parade scores in overall contest results - noboody is taking it personally, they are just simply stating logical reasons for why they feel the way they do.


If you don't like that, there are other forums (maybe none for this state, but there are plenty of other forums out there), but this board is supposed to be a civil discussion of marching band, not a way to try to make your band look best (which usually ends up working the opposite).


Don't believe me? Look for somebody on these boards who advertises being from Lake Park or Lincoln-Way East: they aren't allowed to post on here using their school's name (as I understand it). Why? Because their programs understand that negative posting reflects poorly on their program. Don't risk doing that to your band.

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