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Virtual Competition

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In the lead up to official marching band season, and being as hopeful as possible we get to have one, lets do a little something we are all to used to during this pandemic, virtual interaction! I will be hosting a virtual marching band competition right here in the IL Marching forum!


Here are the basics;

  • Members of this forum will be allowed to submit videos of shows via this link (https://forms.gle/L65vW9q6uc41mjs68
    • You DO NOT have to be a member, parent, or director of the band you submit.
    • It is recommended you submit multiple different bands in case their are repeats in submitted bands.
  • Multiple adjudicators will judge the shows using BOA Adjudication sheets
    • There will be differences
      • Instead of two music and visual sub captions there will be one large caption
    • Captions are;
      • Music Performance (40 points)
      • Visual Performance (40 points)
      • Visual GE (20 points)
      • Music GE 1 (20 points)
      • Music GE 2 (20 points)
    • Anyone can apply to be an adjudicator and at the conclusion of the submission time period adjudicators will be announced.
    • Please do not apply to be an adjudicator if you are submitting a show.
  • Submission rules
    • Anyone can submit a video of any band they choose of any show they choose or any year they choose
      • Repeats in band submissions will be dealt with by selecting the first submission of that band
      • It is preferred that the video submitted is in the form of a YouTube video
    • Submissions will begin upon posting this forum and the last day to submit bands is June 18 at 11:59 PM CDT
    • Results of the virtual competitions will be reported when all scores have been calculated by selected adjudicators. 


Any questions you have you can comment below! Let's make this as fun as possible!

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