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Top Illinois Marching Band Semi-finals recap/Finalist bands

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The semi-finals round was even more successful than the prelim round with 21 voters. We now move on to our finals round. 10 bands have been voted to move on to the finals round. in a randomly selected order they are;

  1. Lockport Township Marching Band
  2. Marian Catholic Marching Band
  3. Prospect Marching Band
  4. Victor J Andrew Marching Band
  5. Lincoln Way Marching Band
  6. Morton Marching Band
  7. O' Fallon Township Marching Band
  8. Downers Grove South Marching Band
  9. Romeoville Marching Band
  10. Plainfield North Marching Band

These 10 bands will move on to an 11-day finals voting round. The ballot will be posted here and also on the horn rank site. You will get to rant the bands from 1 being the best to 10 being the least of the group.

When these results are released they will be in order of the top voted best marching bands in the state of Illinois.

FINALS BALLOT: https://forms.gle/ttN9ZP9GVWJzFXD58

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