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Effingham Marching Hearts Invitational

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1A I missed the captions

3  Oblong

2  Bement

1  Heritage


Perc: Leroy, Color Guard: Blue Ridge, Music, Visual and GE: Sangamon Valley

3 Arcola

2 Casey Westfield

1 Sangamon Valley


Perc: Watseka, CG: Marora Forsyth, Music: Arthur Lovington AH, Visual:Watseka, GE:ALAH

3 Maroa Frosyth

2 Watseka



Grand Champ 1-3A ALAH


4A Perc, CG, M, Vis, GE: Newton

3 Salem

2 Robinson

1 Newton


P: Centralia, CG, M, GE: Lincoln, Vis Waterloo

3 Waterloo

2 Centralia

1 Lincoln


P, CG, M, GE: Washington, Vis: Belleville West

3 Urbana

2 Belleville West

1 Washington 

4-6A Grand Champion: Washington

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53.80  Heritage (Music)
52.95  Bement (Aux, GE, Visual)
49.05  Oblong
46.25  Okaw Valley (Perc

59.65  Sangamon Valley  (Aux, GE, Music, Visual)
59.10  Casey-Westfield
54.95  Arcola
54.15  Blue Ridge
53.70  LeRoy (Perc)

65.50  Arthur-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond (GE, Music)
65.40  Watseka (Perc, Visual)
60.00  Maroa-Forsyth (Aux)
55.20  Lawrenceville

80.05  Newton (Aux, Perc, GE, Music, Visual)
74.10  Robinson
72.90  Salem
67.05  Carterville
64.70  Pinckneyville

81.30  Lincoln (Aux, GE, Music, Visual)
77.80  Centralia (Perc)
77.30  Waterloo
74.20  Taylorville
72.00  Charleston

88.60  Washington (Perc, Aux, GE, Music)
84.00  Belleville West (Visual)
81.90  Urbana
79.45  Champaign Centennial
66.85  MacArthur

1A-3A  GC - ALAH
4A-6A  GC - Washington

2019 Effingham Marching Hearts Invitational Recap.pdf

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