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Downers Grove Results

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From the Downers Grove Music Bowl website:

Class A  - Prelim Results
1. Lakes (Music, GE, Visual, Perc, Aux)
2. William Howard Taft
3. Brother Rice Mother McAuley
Class AA - Prelim Results
1. Lake Park (Music, Visual)
2. Naperville Central (GE, Perc, Aux)
3. Eureka
Class AAA  - Prelim Results
1. Greendale  (GE, Aux)
2. Munster (Visual)
3. Romeoville (perc)
Music = Wheaton North/Oswego (tie)

Finals - Finals Results
1.  Munster (Music, Visual)
2.  Greendale (GE)
3.  Romeoville
4.  Oswego
5.  Bloomington
6.  Naperville Central
7.  Lake Park
8.  Rock Island
9.  Wheaton North
10.  Lakes

Grand Champion - Munster

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1 hour ago, johnlivingston said:

So proud of William Howard Taft. Good for them!!! Saw a video from a few years back that was pretty tough to watch. Most difficult performance to watch for me ever.

They must have come a long way! 

They did just start competing a few years ago. The more competitive bands Illinois has, the better, especially for those Chicago public schools. So many students to bring into the world of marching. I feel like the overall Illinois level is up from where it was a a decade ago, so it's good to see.

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