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Dekalb HS Marching Band Championship sched/predictions

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I did one of these for NIU, but never got around to the morning competition just a few miles away. So here we go. I will go in order of classes as they perform, just as a heads up. I also wouldn't be surprised if the forecasted showers effect the competition. Last note, this competition has grown a lot and it's only in its second year (while it isn't totally competitive), so good on Dekalb.


2A: Only 2 bands here, and both are going to NIU later in the evening (that's why they perform 1st I guess). Some BDs are crazy, but ok:

1. Grant Community (If they don't get the upper hand here, they will at NIU. They also have a better show I believe in general).

2. Niles West (scores will be close here, they have good Percussion)

3A is more local (so I don't know much of anything about them), but has enough bands to fill a podium:

1. Rochelle (these guys get around the circuit a bit at least)

2. Kaneland (cool show concept, crowd appeal last year, sounds good to me)

3. Sycamore (they're good in a parade, but this is their only competition of the year. hard to judge, but could swap places with Kaneland)

1A has some more recognizable names, but not super competitive:

1. Sandwich (they are the most competitive of the bunch and could run away with the trophy)

2. Oregon (these boyos get better every year, even though this will be their only competition. Locked in for 2nd probably)

3. Richmond-Burton (they usually place ok at U of I, I think they might get close to Oregon)

4. Genoa-Kingston (they've beaten Taft. I like "The Marching Cogs", it rolls off the tongue)

4A has a lot of cardinal directions:

1. Plainfield South (not as good as North or Central, but they're better than East)

2. Oswego East (not as good as Oswego, but they'll be strong coming out of Pontiac)

3. Plainfield East (a hard sell after a poor outing at Benedictine, but they're better than Hinsdale South)

4. Hinsdale South (yeah, only competition of the year for them I think. They're a good looking group though, Hornets are cool).


Feel free to add or dispute these predictions, or yell about NIU too

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