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U of I Marching Band Championship Predictions (3 week update)

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There are 5 weeks left until the University of Illinois Marching Band Championships in Champaign, Illinois. This will be a good, competitive competition. I will conduct this prediction in the same format I conducted the ISU prediction.


Class 2A

  1. Illinois Valley Central
  2. Sherrard
  3. Effingham

This has some solid bands in it. Most notably IVC and Sherrard. IVC having yet another outperforming season for a small school. IVC received first in their class at Washington and 3rd at Morton. Sherrard is having a FANTASTIC year so far, they could very well make it competitive here at U of I for IVC. Sherrard got first in their class at both Washington and at Geneseo.


Class 3A

  1. Mahomet-Seymour 
  2. Kaneland
  3. Streator Township

Mahomet-Seymour is always very good, due to this I expect them to win this class. Kaneland I think will be in second here, they are usually solid but topping Mahomet-Seymour will be difficult. Streator comes in third here. None of these bands have really done too much yet, so I expect as the season continues this will become more apparent. 


Class 1A

  1. Wateska Community
  2. Rushville-Industry 
  3. Sullivan

Here its hard to tell. I don't know all these schools very well, nor do I think they are all that competitive during the season. I will go on a wings and make this prediction for this class, but remember take it with a grain of salt.


Small Schools Grand Champion: Mahomet-Seymour


Class 5A

  1. Granite City
  2. Plainfield North
  3. Batavia 

Granite has been added to the bands performing since my last prediction. I expect they easily win this class. They are a very good band and well prove well again here, maybe for a 3rd consecutive grand championship. Plainfield North and Batavia also very good bands, second and third here respectively. 


Class 6A

  1. Normal
  2. Downers Grove South
  3. Minooka Community

Normal and Downers Grove South will be VERY close. I expect this to come down to a few points and maybe less. Normal is an excellent program with great commitment to the project at hand with a very succesful history as two seperate program and now as one large program in just its second year. Same goes for DGS, great program, great success, this will be a fun class. Minooka will be good, I always enjoy their ability to play and perform very well.


Class 4A

  1. Galesburg 
  2. Washington Community
  3. Bloomington

Galesburg and Washington have both had their shares of Grand Champion already this year with Washington winning it all at Morton and Galesburg at Geneseo. They will be good, both of them, even in overall placement. Bloomington also a good program. They will place im just not sure if it will be higher than Galesburg or Washington.


Large School Grand Champion: Granite City

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