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Red & Black Fall Classic (NIU) Predictions

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High School Marching converges this weekend in Dekalb (at Dekalb HS and NIU but separate competitions) while some really fantastic bands are out at BOA because their school boards care about them.

I digress, on with the predictions for the 2019 Red & Black Fall Classic; I call it mini-state.

This year is a very competitive schedule, and one of the best there's been in recent years.

1A has a nice list of qualifiers, but the results will probably be:

1. Wheaton Warrenville South (they've had great performances at Viccy J and Benedictine this year; also with Naperville North not returning, this may finally be their chance)

2. HD Jacobs  (close finish at the  Lancer Joust this year, there maybe some separation between them and wheaton)

3. Glenbrook North (their 007 show is pretty fun to watch)

4. Grant Community (they already beat up Marengo, they'll do it again)

5. Niles West (they have a good percussion section, I still find it stupid that their is no Auxillary or Percussion awards at this comp)

6. Rockford (It will be close between them and Marengo)

7. Marengo (Arrrrr Matey, here be pirates)

2A is a bit smaller, but will be interesting:

1. Batavia (watch out, after a hot start to their season, the scores between them and 2nd maybe separated by less than a point)

2. AA Stagg (After that upset at Viccy J, I'm questioning if there is a light at the end of the tunnel (pun intended); there will also be a battle of the color guard's as their's is almost equal to Batavia)

3. Argo (the argonauts will also be very close to the top two as far as scores go)

4. Round Lake (while this is a small class, placement will be tight too)

3A makes me dislike how NIU breaks the classes up by band size, because there are a few bands here that usually would be in the top class:

1. Warren (Very strong start to the season and fresh off a practically undefeated season last year, their closest competition here are the invaders from Indy)

2. Pike (Indiana is just Illinois without Chicagoland. Also, it's Red Devils vs. Blue Devils. It will be very very very close, there are a lot of technical differences between the two)

3. Lemont (they did good at Benedictine, but there will be much separation between them and the top 2)

4. Glenbrook South (really liked their show this year)

5. Dekalb (after a good warm up after hosting their own competition, these guys will be hot and ready to perform)

6. Waubonsie (they got 1st in their class of 1 last week, that's a W in my book)

7. Kaneland (last season was a bit disappointing, but they did win crowd appeal at ISU)

4A is well sized and competitive this season:

1. Prospect (Warren gave them a run for their money at Wheeling, but they won't be competing against them this time. They drum majors are perfection)

2. John Hersey (this band usually end their season well, but they are not ready to compete with Prospect yet, there will be a larger point spread here)

3. Neuqua Valley (they will be riding Hersey's coat tails)

4. Oak Creek (ah yes, poor man's Greendale. Don't be fooled though, these Cheese heads are unpredictable, they'll be close to #2 and #3 points wise)

5. Joliet West (kind of the odd man out here, but they could also be in the mix for a spot on the podium.


All in all, it's hard to pick a most competitive class. Other opinions are welcome, and I'm sorry if I offended anyone.


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I can not find a score recap, or the scores in general, but I do know the results for 3A/4A went:


7. Glenbrook South     

6.  Kaneland

5. Lemont

4. Dekalb     

3. Waubonsie Valley     (by a 4 point margin)

2. Warren Township     (by a .5 point margin)

1. Pike     (score was like a 75 from what I remember)


5. Neuqua Valley      (their score was below Warren and Pike)

4. Oak Creek (had a higher score than Pike, but that's comparing classes without a finals)     

3. Joliet West      (over Oak Creek by .05)

2. John Hersey    (a couple points between them and Joliet)

1. Prospect    (I believe they broke 78)



Again, this is just from my memory of last night, I apologize if there are errors, didn't really want to post this yet, but no one's posted the actual scores.


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I happened to write down scores for 1A and 2A.


7. Rockford (50.35)

6. Marengo (53.60)

5. Glenbrook North (58.10)

4. Grant (59.60)

3. Niles West (60.35)

2. Wheaton Warrenville South (GE) (63.75)

1. H.D. Jacobs (65.30)


4. Round Lake (54.65)

3. Argo (55.70)

2. A.A. Stagg (67.85)

1. Batavia (Overall Effect) (71.25)

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Does anyone know if the recap that was posted on the "festivals" page is accurate? Not everything was announced like that, and the recaps the directors were given don't match that either. Hasty sorting caused incorrect announcements? It happens, but I'm not sure what to believe at this point.

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