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Bands of America Regional ~ Cedar Falls, Iowa Predictions

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I'll be the first to make a prediction on this Regional.  Any other predictions out there?

1. Blue Springs, MO

2. Rosemount, MN

3. O'Fallon Township, IL

4. Lincoln, SD

5. Lockport Township, IL

6. Morton, IL

7. Blue Springs South, MO

8. Marian Catholic, IL

9. Camdenton, MO

10. Greendale, WI

I think Blue Springs and Rosemount are locks for the first two positions.  Marian Catholic is the big unknown, and could finish higher than eighth depending on how much more of their show they perform compared to their Naperville Central showing this past weekend.  Camdenton, Greendale, and Blue Valley Southwest, KS will be performing for the last two positions.

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Marian's placement also depends on how much cleaning they get done this week. A lot of the show was on the field last weekend but was very dirty. Bimm and rest of staff are known for having the band peak and be clean at the right time. I have to agree with Notinband that they'll probably be in the 8th position Saturday night

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Finals Results:

1) Blue Springs 82.85 (Visual, GE-Tie)

2) Rosemont 82.60 (Music- Tie, GE- Tie)

3) Camdenton 80.65

4) O'Fallon Township 79.75 (Music-Tie)

5) Marian Catholic 76.85

6) Lockport Township 76.30

7) Lincoln 73.05

8) Independence 72.95

9) Nixa 72.95

10) Blue Springs South 71.50

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