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Geneseo Maple Leaf Classic

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Geneseo Maple Leaf Classic



Class 1A


GMS 2:00 PM

AlWood 2:15 PM

West-Central 2:30 PM

Orion 2:45 PM


Sherrard 3:15 PM

Cambridge 3:30 PM




Class 2A


Rock Falls 4:00 PM

Metamora 4:15 PM

Monmouth-Roseville 4:30 PM

Streator 4:45 PM

Farmington 5:00 PM

Kewanee 5:15 PM




Class 3A


Ottumwa 5:45 PM

LaSalle-Peru 6:00 PM

Pekin 6:15 PM

Dunlap 6:30 PM


Class 1A


Galva 6:45 PM




Class 4A


Galesburg 7:15 PM

Bettendorf, IA 7:30 PM

Clinton, IA 7:45 PM

United Township 8:00 PM

Rochelle 8:15 PM

Oak Park-River Forest 8:30 PM




Geneseo 8:45 PM


Awards 9:00 PM


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Really diverse group of bands at Geneseo! There are some highly competitive programs and some that don't compete much. Some nice representation from Central and Western Illinois as well as two Iowa groups and OPRF representing the Chicagoland area. Lots of groups we haven't seen at compete yet this year, and programs that go to one or two festivals a year total.

1A) Without know a ton about some of these programs Sherrard is my pick here. They had a strong showing at Washington and look for similar results here.

2A) Metamora with Farmintong not too far behind.

3A) Dunlap is my pick here. 

4A) Tough to call as I really don't know anything about the Iowa programs that are here, and I have not gone and done any research on them. Pretty good chance the 4A winner is GC. Galesburg has had a strong showing so far and could do very well here. 



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My predictions for this competition are as follows;


Class 1A I have Sherrard. Sherrard got first in there class at the Washington Competition. I expect they come out on top with maybe some competition from ROWVA.


Class 2A goes to Metamora. I simply don’t see the competition being enough to top Metamora. Metamora got second in their class at Washington and third at Morton. I think they win it here.


Class 3A I have Dunlap. I am not sure if any band in 3A that can get very close to topping the caliber that Dunlap is at. So I have them taking this class by a solid margin.


Class 4A has some good bands. The ones I expect on top at Oak Park-River Forest and Galesburg. Oak Park-River Forest yet to have too good of an outing getting 7th in their class at A.A Stagg. Galesburg got 3rd in their class at Washington. If I absolutely had to pick Galesburg wins here.


Grand Champion here goes to Galesburg. I expect Dunlap will be in their vicinity overall and will have some competition from Oak Park-River Forest in their class.


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Class 1A

Sherrard- 64.1 (winds, aux, perc)

Orion- 55.4

ROWVA- 54.0

Galva- 48.1 (DM)

Cambridge- 46.6

AlWood- 43.3

West Central- 41.0


Class 2A

Metamora-68.8 (DM)

Kewanee- 65.9 (Aux)

Rock Falls- 62.8 (winds, perc)

Streator- 60.6

Farmington- 59.1

Monmouth- 54.9


Class 3A

Dunlap- 83.2 (winds, aux, perc)

LaSalle-Peru- 71.8

Rochelle- 69.5 (DM)

Pekin- 68.9

Ottumwa- 57.6


Class 4A

Galesburg- 84.4 (winds)

Oak Park/River Forest- 81.1 (aux)

United Township- 75.5

Clinton- 73.4 (perc, DM)

Bettendorf- 70.7


Grand Champion: Galesburg

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4 hours ago, Marchingmaniac88 said:

I had a chance to look over the sheet. Some interesting findings:

-The only band to band to be ranked first in their class by all 6 primary judges was Dunlap. They were also first in guard and percussion. Sherrard was first in all captions, except music gen effect where they were second.

-Galesburg was first in music individual and music general effect, but fourth in music ensemble

-In all four classes, the band that was first in visual gen effect was first in their classes.

Point spread by caption:

VI: 74-115

VE: 68-144

VGE: 79-144


ME: 58-116


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