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My predictions 


1. Mater Dei (These Catholic Cats got it, solid drumline, theirs to lose, look for them to come out hungry after a mediocre showing at Eville.)

2. Centralia  (Got off to a solid start up in Mt. Zion, winning their class by a decent margin. Don't quite see them catching the Knights on Saturday.)

3. Civic Memorial  (Fairly new program, showed improvement from last year at Otown, but Centralia have them at this point.)



1. Mehlville (The Green Machine from South St. Lou, always been solid on the music front, curious to see margin to Mascoutah, especially in visual.)

2. Mascoutah  (The Indians have established themselves as the band to beat in the Mississippi Valley Conference, shall they continue their flight to victory (pun very much intended), or will the MO's clip their wings.)

3. Alton (Nearly beat an always solid Monticello group in MtZ, looking to begin their climb back to the glory days of old.)

4. Triad (Another solid group, Perc has been a strength, we shall see what happens.)

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