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Here is the schedule, several very good groups of bands. 



2:00 Rockford

2:15 Lincoln Community

2:30 ROWVA

2:45 Dwight Township


3:00 Break


3:15 Mt. Zion

3:30 St. Joseph-Ogden

3:45 Farmington

4:00 Coal City

4:15 Dunlap

4:30 Metamora



6:15 University (Normal)

6:30 Macomb

6:45 East Peoria

7:00 Illinois Valley Central

7:15 Eureka

7:30 Limestone Community

7:45 United Township

8:00 Break


8:15 Collinsville

8:30 Washington

8:45 Davenport Central, IA

9:00 Rock Island

9:15 Bloomington

9:30 Morton (Exh.)

9:45 Awards

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NOTE: I am a Southern Illinois guy, my knowledge is not as deep for C and N Illinois bands


I will take Lincoln, they have grown considerably over the past few years under Nigel Range. Dwight will take 2nd. I will take Rockford for 3rd


Dunlap and Metamora will run away with this class, I think Dunlap takes this one, but it'll be close. Any of the other bands have a shot at 3rd in my opinion. 


This class is deep, lots of very good groups. I will take University in 1st, Limestone in a very close 2nd, and East Peoria or IVC in 3rd.


Another very good class. Davenport Central is a solid Iowa group. Washington and Rock Island are always solid, and Collinsville is coming north looking for good placement.

I will take Collinsville in 1st, Washington in 2nd, and Davenport Central in 3rd

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1A: Tough call here, but I'll go with Dwight as my pick for the class champion

2A: Dunlap with Metamora in second would be my pick here. 

3A: As noted this is a really deep class. All great bands. Limestone is my pick to win the class. Honestly wouldn't be too surprised to see any of the bands in this class place. 

4A: Another strong class all the way through. Bloomington is my pick in this class, but like with 3A a lot in this class is going to ride on where the bands are at in learning their shows. (Overly) Simply put- are they putting a lot on but it's dirty, or are they doing a fairly small chunk of the show but pretty clean. And how developed are their ideas and performance skills.

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1A:  Dwight had a good first show last week against similar bands.  They're mybpick


2A: Dunlap will run away with this class.  Metamora and Farmington following suit.


3A:  I think it will be tight.  u-High, Limestone, and UT rounding out top 3.  Hot take: scores will be within 2 points total.


4A:  have only seen Washington of this group.  I'm going to guess Bloomington, RI, then Washington.  

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1. Dwight 56.10 (GE, Aux)

2. Lincoln 54.80 (Music,Visual,Percussion,Winds)

3. ROWVA 49.80

4. Rockford 45.60


1. Dunlap 70.15 (Music, Visual, GE, Aux, Percussion, Winds)

2. Metamora 65.25

3. St. Joseph-Ogden 64.40

4. Farmington 62.90

5. Mt. Zion 62.50

6. Coal City 58.70


1. Limestone 72.60 (Music, GE, Aux, Percussion)

2. Eureka 72.20 (Visual)

3. Illinois Valley Central 71.25

4. University 69.50 (Winds)

5. United Township 69.35

6. East Peoria 68.65

7. Macomb 67.90


1. Washington 77.75 (GE, Percussion)

2. Collinsville 77.45 (Aux, Music)

3. Bloomington 75.90 (Visual, Winds)

T4. Davenport Central 74.00

T4. Rock Island 74.00



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